Are Your Kids Healthy?

Jerry Seinfeld's Wife Found a Good Way To Get Her Kids Eating Well!

Teaching Kids How To Make Healthy Choices Is Not As Easy As It Seems...

I don't know if everyone knows what the Health Check Symbol (the red check mark on food containers that identifies a healthy product) is, but I am assuming that you do. After all, we are living in such a health conscious society, how could you not know?

Well, for me, i find the symbol pretty helpful. But, I know how to read and I also know that MODERATION is actually the key to good health.

However, this story is about my girls and how I've tried to teach them good eating habits and what to look for on products and how its kind of backfired on me.

The other day, my eldest daugher was making toast with her SMART bread. She doesn't particularly like that bread, but eats it because of the little red check mark (health check symbol) that indicates its a healthy choice. I am very proud that she is already making healthy choices.

After getting the BECEL margarine out of the fridge and spreading some on her toast, my youngest daughter started bugging Cidnée to give her something to eat.

So, being the big sister, Cidnée asks Danielle what she wants. Dani points to the margarine. Cidnée starts to butter another piece of toast, but Dani says:


Shrugging her shoulders, Cidnée scoops out some margarine with a spoon and hands it over to Dani. Two seconds later, Dani comes to see me to show me what she's eating. I can't figure out whats in her mouth so I ask Cidnée. By now Dani has swallowed the dollop of margarine and tells me herself.

'its margarine mom!' she says happily. 'and yummy!'

Having a hard time believing she just ate a spoonful of margarine just like that, and feeling slightly sick, I get Cidnée to explain why in God's name Dani was eating marg.

Cidnée says to me : 'Well, thats what she wanted, and it has the little red check mark on the container so its ok for her to eat it. Its healthy!'

HMMM, How can you possibly argue with that kind of reasoning right?

It was at that point, I realized that my job of teaching my kids to eat healthy was not complete. A symbol helps, but should NOT be relied upon...especially when it comes to the rationale of a 5 and 6 year old.

I hope you get a good laugh out of this, because we sure did.

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Dad 7 years ago

That was hilarious Megs! I can just see Cidness giving that explanantion. You are so right in what you say. Good thoughts.


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