Health Benefits of Quail Eggs

Jumbo Quail Eggs, for eating or hatching.  Quails are also great for eating.
Jumbo Quail Eggs, for eating or hatching. Quails are also great for eating. | Source

What are the health benefits from Quail Eggs?

You may be surprised at how many amazing benefits can come from the simplest foods, and quail eggs is one of nature's big surprises. Quail eggs are valuable little things that have a number of amazing health benefits, and you may be surprised at how valuable the little eggs can be at keeping you healthy and free of disease and illness.

Quail eggs have long been used as a healing food, as well as a dietary supplement. Despite the small size of these fertile quail eggs, they are packed full of nutrients and minerals that the human body needs to survive and thrive. While they only weight between ten and twelve grams apiece, they are chock full of vital nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

Quail eggs contain 3 or 4 times as much nutritional value as chicken eggs do, and they are 13% protein while chicken eggs are only 11% percent. They contain nearly three times as much Vitamin B1 as chicken eggs do, and you can get double the amounts of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin A by eating quail eggs. Fertile quail eggs are also very rich in calcium and phosphorus, and you can actually obtain 5 times more potassium and iron from quail eggs than from chicken eggs.

They are a great food to eat, both for those who are trying to lose weight and for those who simply want to increase their overall health. Even if you are simply looking for a dietary supplement to enrich your diet, you should definitely consider quail eggs as a source of vital nutrients. Fertile quail eggs have a good deal of the "good cholesterol", and contain none of the "bad cholesterol" that leads to heart attacks. This makes them perfect for even senior citizens to eat, as there is no risk of heart attack when eating quail eggs.

Quail eggs do not cause diathesis or allergies like chicken eggs do, meaning that everyone around the world can eat them. They are also excellent to help you combat allergies or symptoms of allergies, thanks to the ovomucoid protein that quail eggs contain in such abundance. This protein is often used in anti-allergy drugs, and it has been proven to be very effective at helping to reduce the effects of allergies.

Quail eggs are also excellent at combating a number of serious diseases and medical condition, and you may want to consider eating quail eggs to help combat the following diseases:

- Digestive tract disorders can be effectively combated by eating quail eggs, and you can help your body handle duodenal ulcers, stomach ulcers, and gastritis by consuming these eggs.

- Quail eggs help to increase the levels of hemoglobin in the body, which can help to combat anemia. They also remove heavy metals and toxins from the blood.

- Bronchial asthma, vegetative-vascular dystonia, diabetes, and tuberculosis patients have seen amazing recovery after being given quail eggs.

- Quail eggs can help to prevent the growth and spread of cancerous cells in the body, and they have powerful anticancer properties.

- They can help to remove gallbladder, kidney, and liver stones.

- Quail eggs are excellent to help patients recover after a blood stroke, and it can help to fortify and strengthen the muscle that is the human heart.

- You can increase your sexual stamina and potency by eating quail eggs. The minerals in the eggs provide important nourishment to the prostate, such as vitamins, proteins, and phosphorus.

- Quail eggs can help to improve your memory, as well as regulating your nervous system and increasing your mental activity.

- Consuming these eggs can help to combat the effects of aging by increasing the efficiency of your immune system, which in turn slows down the aging of your body's organs and helps to lengthen your life span.

- Your hair and skin color can be richer and more lustrous by eating quail eggs, and your hair will actually be enriched and strengthened by these eggs. Many skin and hair care products use these eggs due to their efficiency at improving hair and skin condition.

- Children who eat 2 quail eggs a day will be more likely to grow healthy and strong, and they have a better chance of resisting any infectious diseases from causing them to be sick.

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manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

I tell you quail is also really good, I will have tm=o try the eggs

mahmud sani 5 years ago

thanks for the info. those it cures

infertility in human

Salisu 5 years ago

How many should i take for improving my knowlegeand sexual partility

Nasir Abubakar karshi 4 years ago

Is quail egg good for pregnant woman?

claire 4 years ago

they are cool

Rahma 4 years ago

How should i cook quail egg to make it retain its medicinal values.

Idris Jameela 4 years ago

please what is the dosage for adults and children daily.

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chris 2 years ago

the dangerouse is that so many artist tend to collect sized egg similar to that of quail ,paint them and finally market

Oladele Aniyi 2 years ago

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FASHIKU 2 years ago

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