Healthy Butter, Oil, or Fat Replacement / Substitutions for Baking


Better Butter

Are you looking for a healthy butter replacement/ substitute for a recipe? We all love our sweet baked treats, but the amount of butter, oil, or any type of fat in those treats can be enormous. Still, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to cut them out of your diet in order to be healthy, or chose not to be health conscious and load up on unneeded fats.


What to use?

Surprisingly there are many things you can use to replace the fat in your recipe. Most things you may be shocked and hesitant to try, but they really do work.

Some Examples:


Bananas are great for replacing butter, they provide moisture and texture. The only catch is that the flavor of the banana usually can be tasted in the final product.


Applesauce is fantastic for replacing butter, it gives you moisture, tenderness, and it cannot be tasted in the final product. It does provide more moisture than butter does though, so cutting down on the other liquids in the recipe is recommended.

Pureed prunes

Purred prunes (or baby food prunes) is a shocker to most as a replacement for fat. However, you cannot taste it in the final product and it does a great job of adding moisture with a tender crumb.

Keep in Mind

Though you can replace much of the butter in many recipes, cutting the calories and adding a healthy twist, butter is not totally replaceable. Butter replacements like applesauce, banana, or prunes work well in recipes like cakes and cookies, but they will not work for foods like pastries or certain cakes and cookies that are mostly butter-based (eg. shortbread). These replacements work best when used to substitute only HALF of the fat in the recipe, you won't even know the difference. Yet, if you replace all the butter, oil, or fat, you probably will miss out on some of the flavor the fats provide. You want to have a healthier treat, but a treat should still taste like one.

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