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Ensaymada is just perfect!Mmm cappuccino!
Ensaymada is just perfect!
Ensaymada is just perfect! | Source
Mmm cappuccino!
Mmm cappuccino! | Source

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It's As Good As It Looks!

Mary Grace Cafe

I recently just discovered this cafe. It was when I was working on another article on "Halloween at the Mall." That time, my daughter and I were scouting for a perfect place to hang out right in the middle of the busy mall where we could see trick or treaters and take photos.

There we were at the third floor of the mall and right in the center was the kiosk of Mary Grace Cafe. I've seen its other branches but I haven't really tried it. After all, there are lots of familiar places like Starbucks and all.

The location of the kiosk is just perfect. It's cozy and looks like a good place to hang out. I then ordered cappuccino and cheesecake to pass the time. My daughter and I were also waiting for mom and my aunt who went to watch a movie that we've already seen. Wow! Both my daughter and I are quite picky when it comes to cheesecake. Our favorite is actually blueberry cheesecake. Mary Grace Cafe only has the classic cheesecake -- no berries, no toppings. But we think it's perfect! Yummy!

My daughter and I returned there just the other day. This time around she ordered the cheesecake all to herself! I tried the classic ensaymada (see the above picture and the video). It's simply perfect! I guess you can say that next time around when we crave for some sweet snacks and cozy hangout place, we know exactly where to go -- Mary Grace Cafe.

Mary Grace Cakes

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Mrs. Menagerie profile image

Mrs. Menagerie 4 years ago from The Zoo

Oh boy, I really, really want an ensaymada!

Rosyel Sawali profile image

Rosyel Sawali 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Wow! Now that you've mentioned it, I want one too! LOL ^_^ Thanks for stopping by.

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