Here comes the summer - the season of mango triumph

Summer has always been full of recreation and merriment in most parts of world. Like others I also spend Summer in visiting new places, meeting friends and having fun. One of the reason for that I am anxiously waiting for for Summer is because it is season of mangoes. Mangoes have always been my weakness from childhood. And I am not alone in love of mangoes, most people in Pakistan exhibit this trait. Mango is considered best seasons gift for summer. It is also called “King of fruits” in Pakistan.Just to mention here that mangoes from Pakistan are considered among most delicious ones. And there are more than 450 different variates of mangoes available in Pakistan. The most famous one are Muhammadwala, Chonsa (my favourite), Langra, Alphanso, Anwa Ratul, Sindhri and Dusehri.

Pakistani Chonsa Mango
Pakistani Chonsa Mango

My first Summer in Sweden went without mangoes (sadly), mostly due to my unfamiliarity of places. However this time I have found the shop from where I can have Pakistani mangoes of the season. Although the best place to enjoy mangoes are their farms. Just go to a mango farm at right time, that when the fruit is ready. There you can have chance to enjoy a mango that is just taken from its tree and is not stored artificially. The freshness, taste and deliciousness you experience by having such mangoes is unexplainable.

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Mango Cup cuttingMango Cup cuttingMango Cup cuttingMango Milk Shake
Mango Cup cutting
Mango Cup cutting | Source
Mango Cup cutting
Mango Cup cutting | Source
Mango Cup cutting
Mango Cup cutting
Mango Milk Shake
Mango Milk Shake

There are many fancy and time consuming ways to cut and eat mangoes or use them as dressing over certain other things. However here are many quicker ways to have fun with mangoes.

1.Mango Shake

If it is too hot outside then just put pulp of one mango, 1 to 2 glass of milk and a few ice cubes in you juicer. Add sugar as per your taste, for me two table spoons is enough. And enjoy chilling effect of the drink.

2.Cup Shaped Cutting

i.Cut the mango from middle (of long side) in a circle around it.

ii.Grip tightly (but not too much- just take care that your hand does not slip on mango skin) both upper and lower part with your both hands.

iii.Now Twist both hands on opposite direction.

iv.This will give you two pieces, one with its seed in it and one cup shaped part.

v.First you can eat the the cup shaped part by a spoon

vi.Then pick other half with seed. First eat the mango pulp over seed. Now have a grip of other part having seed with your teeth and rotate the lower part again as before.

vii.Now you can have another part like before. And you can eat it as well with a small spoon.

3.Juicy Eating:

If you encounter mangoes when you nothing like knife or spoon. And still your heart is longing for having mangoes… do not be disappointed. We have have a way to tackle the issue just we do it in villages in Pakistan. Take the whole mango in your hand and gently begin squishing it all around. Don't be too forceful or you may end up spewing mango pulp all over yourself or someone in front of you. Hold the mango with one hand, two fingers holding down the stem end. Your thumb should be supporting the bottom.

i.Use the other hand to rotate the mango along the axis while gently squishing it continuously. Soon you'll have "pulverized" all the pulp in the mango without extracting it (if you've done it right).

ii.Now you can take off the little stem bit at the top and suck the pulp right from the mango.

iii.When you've got most of it out, you press the seed out and eat all around it. But you are still not done yet, you turn the skin inside out and make sure you get all the remaining sticking to it. The fibres remain attached to the skin and seed for the most part, and don't get embedded in your teeth as they would if you tried to eat this mango by cutting it. An experienced one can do it without making a huge mess, but for children the jumbling is an essential part of the summer mango experience.

I think I should stop here so that you can get the time to practice what I have written. And remember to share your experience or some other way you know to tackle mangoes. I shall be really delighted to know new ways to eat mangoes. Another clarification is that the names I used for different styles are not standard and just created by myself. SO if you know a good alternative name(s) do not hisitate to suggest it.

Have a nice summer and mango time there....!

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rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Wow, you made me desire mangoes right now.

Voted up.

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

I just had a mango for the first time last week. I never knew what to do with one, besides eat it. I cubed it and used in a fruit salad and the flavor really enhanced my salad. Thank you for the tips on how to handle a mango!:)

ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Thank you Sunshine for that you liked the hub. Well there are too many fancy things that can be done with mangos. But I like to enjoy just only itself and having a glass of Lassi over it. And if you really want to enjoy mango, take Pakistani, Indian or Philippine mangoes. These have best taste in the world.

Thank you and have nice summer ( and mango) time there.


ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

The mango shake sounds delicious!

ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Thank you Christy for reading and I am pleased to know that you have found something delicious.

Well I am sure that it will be even more delicious when you try once. Have good time and cheers..

ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 4 years ago from Sweden Author

@ rajan

Thank you for stopping by and reading the hub. I am sure you must be enjoying with mango parties now....

teaches12345 profile image

teaches12345 4 years ago

I love mangoes and am now wanting one. I didn't know you could cut them in this way. I will try it soon.

ahmed.b profile image

ahmed.b 4 years ago from Sweden Author

@ teaches12345 Thank you for the you like this way of cutting mangos. I will appreciate if you would share your thoughts after trying it :) .

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