How to Grow Tomatoes.

It's easy and inexpensive!

A vintage diagram circa 1912
A vintage diagram circa 1912 | Source

You Can Do It!

Tomatoes! Those delicious, Tender, Red Orbs of flavor!

Okay, Maybe that is a little too exuberant, But you have to admit- They have become a bit of a staple. Sauces, salsa, toppings, throwing at concerts - They have unlimited uses. Why not grow your own? You can do it virtualy anywhere you have sunlight! In the ground of your backyard, or in a pot on your porch or balcony.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Your first step will be choosing the type of tomato that you want to grow. There are many varieties available, each with different flavors, sizes, and heartiness. One thing you can do to ensure that you get one that will flourish in your area is checking online, or asking at a local nursery.

You can buy the seeds and grow them yourself. One way I like to do it is by burying a whole, crushed up tomato directly into the ground, ensuring it has organic material to supplement it's growth to adulthood. However, for beginner gardeners, this can be a bit of a daunting task

Alternatively, you can just simply purchase an established plant for a reasonable price. This may limit the variety you have to choose from, but it will cut out some of the harder work. You can choose between a mature, established plant that is ready to produce - or a younger one. They are sold in some supermarkets and most home improvement stores.

Once you transplant your plant make sure you give it ample water - to avoid transplant shock, right after it is put into the new soil give it a gallon of warm water. Afterwards, make sure to give them a thorough watering every day for a week and a half.

Tomatoes require full sun, at least 7-8 hours of it each day, so make sure they are in a sunny location. If you are keeping them in the ground, be sure to plant them about 2-3 feet apart, and get a tomato cage, or use dowels and plant tape to make sure they grow upright and don't slump over.

There are many different varieties to choose from - Try something new!

Siberian Tomatoes
Siberian Tomatoes

Now that you're getting older....

It generally takes between fourty and sixty days for your plant to begin flowering - this changes depending on the variety you have chosen, this means that they are starting to mature and reach their productive age.

They will need a little bit of care - mainly with weeding, making sure they get 3 inches of water a week (That's over a gallon per plant), fertilizer or compost, and pesticides - I try to keep it 'all natural' but if you want, you are welcome to use poisons to keep off bugs, but there are some nontoxic repellents including plants that repel insects that I shall also talk about later in another hub.

You should make sure the watering is fairly even and regular. Irregular watering can result in split tomatoes. It is best to water in the evening or morning, because it will help prevent fungal molds.

Now that you know the basic to growing your own tomatoes, there is nothing stopping you from getting started!


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