Hotdogs! Get Your Hotdogs!

Hotdogs are fun for kids and adults.

Nothing but fun in the bun
Nothing but fun in the bun

Smoked hotdog, why not?


Who doesn’t love to go to a ballpark or sporting event and love to hear the words “Hotdogs? Get your hotdogs”. I know I love trying hotdogs every where they have them to offer.  There are many ways to prepare and eat hotdogs. Grilling is one of the more popular ways to prepare hotdogs. I writing this to share a new technique of cooking a hotdog I just recently tried. I was planning on grilling some hotdogs on my charcoal grill when I got the idea to smoke them instead. My charcoal grill is divided into two separate grills which allow you to smoke meats as well as grilling them over the coals. So I gave it a shot. One thing I always like to do before grill hotdogs is boil them in some seasoned water so that they stay moist and have a different taste to them.  I lined the hotdogs on the side where there weren’t any coals. On the other side, I lit up the coals and opened up a little airway to let the fire breathe and then shut the lid. I would check on them about every twenty minutes because I knew it would not take too long being that they come already cooked. After about an hour, the hotdogs turned a smoky red color and they were ready to eat. I wasn’t sure if they would really pick up the smoky flavor, but sure enough they did. They picked it up rather well. So the next time you want to do some dogs, I suggest trying to smoke a few because it makes for a different but enjoyable way to consume a hotdog.

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