Houston's Restaurant Copycat Recipes

Houston's Restaurant
Houston's Restaurant

Houston's Restaurant Background and Secret Recipe Clones

Houston's Restaurants serve seafood and traditional American fare. Houston's are casual dining restaurants with a full bar and soothing décor of copper and wood. The average dinner is about $20.

If you are a Houston's restaurant fan, but can't eat there often enough, try some of these copycat versions of Houston's best restaurant recipes. We even have a Houston's Spinach Artichoke Dip copy cat recipe. Or try copycat versions of Houston's Spicy Caesar Salad secret recipe, Houston's Coleslaw, or another favorite from Houston's top secret recipes. Bon Appetit!

Houston's Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Houston's Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Houston's Restaurant Caesar Salad
Houston's Restaurant Caesar Salad

Just Like Houston's Grilled Artichokes Recipe

Grilled Garlic Artichokes Just Like Houston's Restaurant

Ingredients for 2 servings
  • 2 artichokes, cut in half
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 or 5 cloves chopped garlic
  • salt and pepper to taste

Cut the lemon into quarters. Squeeze one piece of lemon into a bowl of cold water. Put the artichokes into the bowl.

Start a grill and prepare it for medium heat.

Bring another pot of water to a boil. Add the artichokes and boil for fifteen minutes.

Squeeze the rest of the lemon into a bowl and add the olive oil and chopped garlic. Stir well.

Brush the cooked artichokes with the olive oil mixture and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Put on the hot grill. Grill artichokes for about ten minutes, basting often with the olive oil mixture.

Serve right away while still hot with the rest of the olive oil mixture to use for a dip.

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Just Like Houston's Recipes Comments 180 comments

Lucy 9 years ago

Anyone have the recipe for the maple glazed squash (served open-face) that they make at Houston's in Pasadena, CA.

Barbara  9 years ago

Anyone have recipes for Houston's cauliflower with curry sauce, brussel sprouts, and their cabbage?

Amy 9 years ago

I would love the recipe for Chef's dressing! It is so yummy with smoked salmon.

Anamcara123 9 years ago

Dying for the brussel sprouts recipe!! Anyone?

schargois04 8 years ago

HeLlO aNyOnE.

I would love the recipe to houston's purple cabbage recipe. Does anyone have a clue?

Michelle 8 years ago

Has anyone ever figured out Houston's Chefs Dressing recipe?

ladygail26 8 years ago

I love the couscous and the cold smoked salmon. Any clues???

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 8 years ago from Around the USA Author

Hi everyone, I post new Houston's recipes as I find them. But I look especially hard for ones that people request. So far, I haven't found any of these. If anyone else has these Houston's recipes, please feel free to post them here in the comments. Thanks!

Consuela 8 years ago

I would like a copy of the recipe for Houston's Chicken Tenders. Please post someone, I'll love you for life.

d96469 8 years ago

I would love the recipe for the sauce that accompany the artichokes and smoked salmon. I was speaking to an empolyee and they said the secret to the sauce was a specific pickle relish. The purple cabbage was mentioned above and that is one I'd like too. Thanks for the veggie burger recipe.

TimT 8 years ago

Here is Houston's Chefs Dressing recipe:


1 quart mayonnaise

8 oz. anchovies, lightly drained

1.0 oz garlic, peeled & minced

1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper

1/2 cup chives (ends removed,minced med.)

3/4 cup parsley (chopped medium fine by hand)

1/4 cup fresh tarragon (chopped medium)

1/2 tsp. ground black pepper

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice

Place first 4 ingredients in Cuisinart and process until small pieces of anchovy appear.

Remove processed ingredients and place into bowl. Stir in all remaining ingredients except lemon juice. Allow to sit in refrigerator for at least 8 hours.

Add lemon juice when you are ready to serve.

The herbs are the secret to this and they must be fresh.

Julie 8 years ago

The link for Houston's Caesar Salad Copycat Recipe doesn't work. Any chance you could repost? I've been looking hard for that recipe and now it seems so close...

Randi 8 years ago

Anyone have or know the recipe of Houston's Very Berry wild rice. I had it once and I can't stop thinking about it!

Keysmac 8 years ago

You scared me off with your required authorization to tinker with my computer.

glenda Swan 8 years ago

i am looking for 2 recipes from Houston's Restaurant:

Black Beans & brown rice (has barbeque sauce & cocoa)

Blue cheese dressing

Patsy 8 years ago

I want the Houstons recipe for the sauce served with the salmon and toast points. Anyone know it?

longhorn 8 years ago

I can't say exactly what the black beans have in them, but I know they are made with chicken stock, and the cocoa part is actually the Houston's 5-Nut Brownie icing (contains espresso). There is no barbeque sauce in the black beans. Trust me.

jen 8 years ago

I've had the Houston's Chili and it is delicious. Anyone have that recipe?

Janice 8 years ago

I am wanting to find the recipe for Houston's Chicken & Friends dish. They serve black beans and brown rice with a delicious chicken breast.

Shelby 8 years ago

I too would like the recipe for the chef sauce Houston's serves with their salmon. And I'm looking for their salmon marinade as well.

Peg 7 years ago

I am obssessed with their black beans and brown rice. I thought they were kidding when they said they use something from their brownie recipe in them --it is amazing.

Anita 7 years ago

I know most of the ingredients for the Chef's Dressing, but not the amount of each ingredient.

Mayo, garlic, taragon, parsley, cayane, anchovy paste, lemon, chives

It's also great if you add capers and diced red onion directly to the sauce.

sway  7 years ago

I need the recipe for Houston's apple walnut cobbler. BAAAAADDD!

Jackielee 7 years ago

I would love the recipe for Houston's curried corn! Their house salad, the one with tons of bacon in it, would be a treat too!

Madison 7 years ago

Anyone have the recipe for Houston's Firehouse Chili? Please post!

luke 7 years ago

I love to cook.

Goldie Headrick 7 years ago

I am looking for the black bean recepie from Houston's restaurant since they are no longer serving it at the restaurant. Does anyone have it? It would be greatly appreciated.

kathy 7 years ago

Hey, what about their Banderas Banana Cream Pie recipe, anyone have it? please, please send it in!

Amber 7 years ago

Please post the complete copycat recipe for the Houston's

Five-Nut Brownie

KatherineNYC1 7 years ago

Spicy Caesar Dressing

1 Egg Yolk 1 Tbsp. Minced Garlic 2 tsp. Dijon mustard 2 Anchovy fillets, minced 1 1/2 tsp. Coarsely ground black pepper 1/4 tsp. salt 1/2 tsp. each: ground coriander & cumin 1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce 2 tsp. Cold water 1/2 C. each: extra-virgin olive oil & canola oil 1 1/2 Tbsp. Sambal chili paste (Thai Chili Paste) Juice of 1/2 each: lemon & lime 3 Tbsp. Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

Combine yolk, garlic, mustard, anchovies, pepper, salt, coriander, cumin, Worcestershire & water in food processor; process until smooth. With motor running, pour oils in a slow, steady stream into egg mixture. When all oil has been incorporated, add chili paste, lemon & limejuices, and Parmesan; process until smooth.

If you want the regular cesar version, just leave out the chile paste, coriander, and cumin. I made it the other night that way and its was incredible!

JINKS 7 years ago

Anyone know the Houston'd recipe for their Crab Cakes??? I think they are the best I've ever had... pure crab meat no filler.....

Tracy 7 years ago

Anyone have the recipe for their curried corn? It's my favorite and I can't find it anywhere. thanks!

Alicia Crowder profile image

Alicia Crowder 7 years ago from Everywhere

What an interesting article!

sid 7 years ago

i swear if i ever become rich, im going to hire a chef from houstan's as my person chef haha.

Also, i've been looking all over the place, but does any1 have the recepie for their minestrone soup, my lord i tried that soup and it was amazing!!! there was a spice in their that i couldn't figure out.

Also what kind of cheese do they use, in the ceaser salad, pecorino romano? and can any suggest a brand of cheese that is similar.

Thank You

email me at pmasuccess@gmail.com if you need too.

sid 7 years ago

Also, what dressing do they use on the ceaser salad, and what's the recipie for it?

chef101 7 years ago

wats the rib sause recip

houston's fan 7 years ago

anyone have the houston's red bean and rice recipe?

houston's employee 7 years ago

i work at a houston's and have all the recipes, however, i can not post them. i will make a separate email that is untraceable, they are very secretive about their recipes

Cook monster 7 years ago

Houstons employee please email me at h_Martinez@sbcglobal.net

Helene Jones 7 years ago

Would the Houston employee please email me the Mexico city style soup recipe at helene1682@yahoo.com

Whitney 7 years ago

Anyone find the recipe for their curried corn? I would love to have it and I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!

karen 7 years ago

would the houstons employee please mail me the recipe for thai noodle salad - thanks!x


shannon 7 years ago

I would love the resipe to the chefs special sauce for the salmon and the buttermilk garlic dressing. thank you so much! shannonzuegel@hotmail.com

dukeie 7 years ago

Would the houston's employee please email me the recipe for

the Five-Nut Brownie to dukeiedog@gmail.com

Thank you!

harveysdtr 7 years ago

Did anyone get an email from the person who works at Houston's? Is the Chef's dressing correct because I am going to try to make it today. Is this the dressing that goes on the Ono fish burger?

Thanks so much :)

Misty 7 years ago

Houston's employee, can you please email me the recipes at txrecipes@gmail.com


KatherineNYC1 7 years ago

To people asking about the chef dressing above, I have made it several times, the recipe included here is excellent. For the best flavor it needs to be refrigerated for several hours. I made the artichokes but baked them and then finished under the broiler to brown-they were a huge success at my dinner party. Also I have figured out a very close approximation of the red cabbage:

Use: 1/2 red cabbage very thinly sliced

3 cloves of garlic, minced

1 cup finely grated parmesan cheese

2 tbsp vegetable oil, 2 tbsp olive oil

1/3 cup dry red wine

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp or more good quality dijon mustard

lots of salt and pepper to taste

serve with dollops of fresh goat cheese

-heat the veg oil and add the minced garlic, cook slowly until lightly browned

-add all the cabbage at once, and mix well, lower the heat and continue mixing for a few mins

-add-olive oil, wine, balsamic vinegar, mustard and salt (start with 1 tsp)

-mix very well and taste, add salt and pepper to correct

cover with a lid and braise for about 20 mins over med-low heat, stirring occasionally

-remove lid and continue to cook over low until most of wine is evaporated

-it should be a beautiful dark purple and have a bit of a bite too it, similar to al dente pasta. Add parmesan and stir until all cheese is melted, this should thicken it beautifully. Correct seasoning and serve hot with a crumble of goat cheese on top.

kle 7 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for their heirloom cauliflour or brusslesprouts. Excellent.

tlmemphis 7 years ago

I would love all of the fabulous recipes from Houston's!

Please, send anything you can to me! Please send to

Caymania@aol.com I would love the braised cabbage and tortilla soup, but I love everything at Houston's!

Thanks and Happy Holidays to all!!!!!

shell.mash 7 years ago

PLEASE - If you have a recipe for Houston's Acorn squash with the nuts and glaze on top, please send it to shell.mash@gmail.com

Thank you in advance!!!!

Angela 7 years ago

Does ANYONE know how Houstons makes their AMAZING chicken tenders? They are SO juicy and light and flakey.... I would give my right arm to make these at home!!! PLEASE email me @ amcintire1@kc.rr.com

Tonya 7 years ago

Can someone email me at latoosie@gmail.com with the recipe for Houson's Black Beans? I wanna make it for Christmas.

houston's fanantic 7 years ago

Houstons employee please email me at anony895@aol.com, I need the recipe for the rotissiere chicken, the chicken tenders, cub salad blue cheese dressing and the cous cous

Another fanatic 7 years ago

Please take mercy, Houston's employee, and email the recipes to chewbaccaishot@gmail.com Especially the blue cheese vinaigrette and the honey lime/peanut dressings and the black beans.

Tracy Lemelle 7 years ago

Poor Houston's employee!! I am yet another Houston's fan looking for a recipe, specifically the Mexico City Soup & Caesar dressing recipes. Please have mercy on me for it is truly an addiction. My email is talemelle@gmail.com

Obsessive Houston's Fan 7 years ago

Houston's employee,

I hope you see this and PLEASE email me the black beans and rice recipe and the spinach dip recipe! My email is talerico.james@gmail.com Thank you!!!

tboz 7 years ago

Houston employee pls email me at tboz1221@msn.com. Would like a couple of receipt. Hopeing you could help me.

Kelly 7 years ago

I don't know if they still check this page or not, but if the Houston's employee sees this, would you please send me the recipe for the brussel sprouts? They are amazing! Thank you very much!


Marc 7 years ago

I have been looking everywhere for the New Orleans Red Bean & Rice Soup (only served Monday's) -- this is one of the most savory, tasty dishes I have tried and my personal favorite. Can someone please post this recipe.

Houston's employee, if you still read this page, can you please email it to: mrjerz44@yahoo.com

Cindy 7 years ago

Does anyone know Houston's Tortilla Soup Recipe?? Its so yummy and would love to make it.



RB 7 years ago

Need recipe for Tashume salad, specially for the creamy white dresing!

txaces5 7 years ago

I am looking for the Houston's "Old" viniagrette recipe. I was told by a waiter to ask for the "Old" recipe because they have changed their recipe, but they can still offer this. Secondly, the recipe for the Mexico City Style Soup.


Solsita 7 years ago

Dear Houston's employee:

Could you please email me the recipe of the Evil Jungle Salad? I wanna surprise my fiancé.

My email is solrothstein@hotmail.com.

Linda Adams 6 years ago

Hi Houston's Employee:

Please send me all receipes. My email address is Adamsmulkey@numail.org.


MJ Jennings 6 years ago


I have been going to houstons once a week for 10 years. Can the houstons employee please send me the recipes for the hawaiian rib eye, the mexican style soup, the ribs, and anything else for that matter!!!!!




Vicky in Michigan 6 years ago

Hello Houstons, I would LOVE to have the recipes for the Hawaiian steak. But would Thank you on bended knee to have the Blue cheese salad dressing recipe. mistyblu56@aol.com Thank you.

Pat 6 years ago

Please send smoked salmon recipe and dill sauce that accompanies it please....thank you!!!!


terri 6 years ago

Do you have the orginal Hustons salad dressing recipe it had bacon dripping in the bottom of the bowl.

brunhilde 6 years ago

Houston's Employee- PLEASE email me with the Houston's recipes. If I must pick just two, I would love the green and yellow bean salad that was on a summer menu and the veggie burger!! Thanks! weightliftingjerk@gmail.com

Jenn 6 years ago

Houston's Employee,

Would you please send me the recipe for the Brussels sprouts?

Thank you!!



sal 6 years ago

do you have orginal vinaigritte dressing recipe.

marino 6 years ago

please send me houstons orginal vinaigrette recipe.smarino2@cox.net thanks.

kaceyjaye 6 years ago

Houston's Employee:

Could you please email me the recipes for;

Artichoke/Spinach Dip

Curry Corn

Knife and Fork BBQ Ribs - how they are cooked and sauce

Honey Lime Vinagrette and Peanut Dressings for the chicken salad to kaceyjaye@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much!

cc 6 years ago

houston's employee, please email me houstons recipes. thanks

cc 6 years ago

houston's employee: please email me the recipes, thanks


gtm 6 years ago

Would LOVE the beans and rice recipe if anyone has it. Whenever I'm at Houston's I order extra to take home! I would also like to have the veggie burger recipe. gwentmar@aol.com

vm19 6 years ago

Houstons employee if you happen to check this.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me recipes to vmehta1@pride.hofstra.edu


- knife and fork ribs,

- coleslaw

-braised red cabbage

- seared ahi tuna salad with ginger dressing

Anything else would be much appreciated also!!

Thank you soooo much!!

ann 6 years ago

Houston Employee,

I love the fork and knife ribs... i've been trying to replicate it with no success.

Can you please email me the recipe and how they cook it at:


Thank you so much!

Breenola 6 years ago

Anyone know the recipe for the Wild Rice and Blueberry salad with the champagne vinaigrette? I LOVE THAT SALAD!

Denise 6 years ago

I would love to have the Houston's Black Beans and rice recipe. Oh how I would appreciate it! Is it true they no longer serve it at the Houstons?

Jason 6 years ago

Houston's Employee,

Can you please e-mail me the recipes?? Specifically the dipping sauce for the grilled artichokes.



judy 6 years ago

I need the recipe for the dipping sauce for the grilled artichokes

Dana.Fowlkes@yahoo.com 6 years ago

Do you have Houston's smoked salmon apetizer and dip recipe or the fried chicken and cobb salad recipe?

jacqueline 6 years ago

Hey would the houstans employee please email me at thesexycarrot@gmail.com with the exact recipe for couscous , artichike dip, and black bean and rice, and the braised red cabbage recipes..thanks so much!

Robert 6 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for the Thai noodle salad (Houston"s employee). The Washington, DC area restaurants have closed, and I am missing that meal.

I wonder WHY they closed. There was always a wait..



Houston's Red Bean and Rice Lover 6 years ago

If the Houston's/Hillstone's employee still reads this or anyone else who got the recipe from them...

Could you please forward me the recipe for the New Orleans Red Bean & Rice Soup (only served Monday's) to


I would be most grateful

jack 6 years ago

Houston's employee:

Please send any recipes! Love Houston's!

Ribs,red cabbage, coleslaw,thai steak &noodle salad, curry corn & white bean ... and any others. Thank you!


Leif 6 years ago

Houston's Employee

Please send recipes to lzerzo@gmail.com

Your awesome - my taste buds thank you as well

cindy b 6 years ago

does anyone have the recipe for houstons spice mix that they use on all meats and fish

Ron 6 years ago

Chicken tenders please

so 6 years ago

Would love the recipe for the tuna salad

Niki 6 years ago

I would love the Chicken finger recipe, I have never encountered such awesome chicken fingers anywhere else Houston's was my favorite restaurant since I'm a young girl now there is no longer a Houston's in Chicago for quite some years now... Pleast if anybody has this recipe E-mail Italiana220@att.net

paddy 6 years ago

english veggie got hooked on houstons veg burger and coleslaw while in nyc 5 years ago. recipes appreciated if a kind soul could find the time to mail:


grateful as hell

Jennifer 6 years ago

I would

smanley01 profile image

smanley01 6 years ago from Houston, TX

You have some old outdated links to my website http://www.copykat.com, I love that you linked to my website, but you may want to update your individual links to specific recipes.


Marty 6 years ago

Did anyone get the Houston's Red Beans and Rice recipe?

Can you post it?

Crash 6 years ago

Would someoen be so kind as to email me the Brussel Sprouts recipe from Houston's! I would be most appreciative. Thanks.


Chef Tell 6 years ago

Houstons Employee - if you could email me the recipe for the smoked salmon appy and chefs dressing. Also the recipe for ribs. Thx


wwwrecip 6 years ago

nice...your site very helpful. the recipe you wrote very inspiring me

Jennifer 6 years ago

Houstons Employee- If you could please e-mail the recipe for the Thai noodle salad... Chicken or steak or just the salad... I am obsessed with it!!! Thank you so much!!!


Gaudio 6 years ago

Is anyone receiving emails from the employee.

potbelliedpig 6 years ago

I never got a message from the Houston's employee and I wrote in March. I doubt if anyone has. My only other request is perhaps someone get a job there and do a mass sharing of recipes with us. So shall we draw straws for dishwasher/recipe spy position?

CM 6 years ago

Please, does anyone have the recipe of Houston's

Chili. It is the best ever!!!!! I am dying for this

recipe, since it is only avaliable on Saturday.

freckels 6 years ago

i would love to have the Thia noodle salad recipe....who has it???? :)thanks

karlene b 6 years ago

who has the recipe for the black beans and brown rice served at Houston? it is so good. i want to make it at home and they don't make it anymore. can i email someone and request it?

frank 5 years ago

does anyone have the New Orleans red bean recipe

Lu Lu 5 years ago

I'm looking for the rotisserie chicken recipe. please post if you know it. Thanks- LuLu

sal 5 years ago

please send me houstons orgnal vinagrette salad dressing recipe. to salmarinosr@gmail.com.

jenny 5 years ago

Could I please get the recipe for the thai dressing for the thai steak salad? I really would love to make that and the dip for the grilled artichokes. Please let me know if anyone knows these recipes!

Joe 5 years ago

Man, I would love the CHICKEN FINGER recipe also!!!!

Kyle 5 years ago

houston employee - please email the chicken tenders recipe to fdk7585@hotmail.com

Thank you so much!!!

Teresa 5 years ago

I am so in the mood for Banders Thai steak noodle salad. May I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have someone send it to me at trex.tpoe@gmail.com Thank you! so very much!!! t

Woody 5 years ago

Can you please send me the dry rib and cordon blue recipies.Thanks gmc_truck2002@yahoo.com

David  5 years ago

Houston employee- would you please send me the recipe for the firehouse chili I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! OH,and also the fork and knife rips. And the old recipe for the honey lime vinaigrette with peanut sauce. Will this make it easier? If you can just send me everything that you have..LOL!! the food is delicious!! thanks again, please send recipes to DavSpell@a0l.com

David  5 years ago

Houston employee- would you please send me the recipe for the firehouse chili I would greatly appreciate it, thanks! OH,and also the fork and knife rips. And the old recipe for the honey lime vinaigrette with peanut sauce. Will this make it easier? If you can just send me everything that you have..LOL!! the food is delicious!! thanks again, please send recipes to DavSpell@aol.com

Tammy 5 years ago

Houston Employee - Could you please send me the recipe for the side-sauce for your Ahi Tuna. I appreciate you! jastam032203@aol.com

Shannon 5 years ago

Houston's Employee could you please e-mail me recipe for Chicken Tenders and the Cols Slaw that comes with the platter. Thanks soooo much


bob 5 years ago

good site

bob 5 years ago

good work

Karen 5 years ago

Houston's Employee:

Houston's Employee:

Could you please email me the recipes for;

Artichoke/Spinach Dip

Curry Corn

Knife and Fork BBQ Ribs - how they are cooked and sauce

Honey Lime Vinaigrette and Peanut Dressings for the chicken salad to kaceyjaye@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much!

RANDY T 5 years ago


RANDY T 5 years ago


melody 5 years ago

houston employee/recipe holder please email me the chicken finger recipe. they are the best in the world but i cannot afford to eat there now with money so tight. my email address is newmelody31@yahoo.com

Eve 5 years ago

To the Houston employee...

Love it all!

I have been eating at Houston's for 20 yrs. They closed the Rockville Marland Location and I dont get to Bethesda that often...so

I would love the recipe to the following if possible PLEASE! :)

The Ribs, Mushroom/Articoke soup, Spinach dip, Grilled artikokes, Hawaiian Rib eye, Firehouse chilli, Caesar Dressing.

My personal emial is Evanthia411@gmail.com

Thank you so much!

Todd 5 years ago

Houston's Employee or anyone on this blog:

Would love to get the FireHouse Chili recipe. You can email me at oakparkstudio@aol.com.

Thanks so much.

Vicki 5 years ago

Did anyone ever find Houston's Mexico City soup recipe??? Would enjoy having it. Thanks

Vicki C 5 years ago

Would the houston's employee please email me the Firehouse Chili recipe? Please, please, please!!!


Oli 5 years ago

I'm just looking for the tartar sauce recipe from Houston's if someone could please supply this I would be extremely grateful. It's served with their peel and eat shrimp and their fish sandwich. Thanks!

lois woods 5 years ago

nobody wants to tell us about that chili

Ally 5 years ago

Houstons Employee- Could you please e-mail the recipe for the Thai steak & noodle salad? Had it a couple days ago and fell in loooove with it! Thank you so much!!! alecusato@hotmail.com

shani 5 years ago


shani 5 years ago


jesus 5 years ago

im from mexico and i would like to know if is posible to get a franchise of houstons,im interested to buy one


sal 5 years ago

need a recipe for old vinaigrette dressing sent to salmarinosr@gmail.com

Cook 4 years ago

Houston's employee: if you're out there, and you get this please send chicken tenders recipe to hezzymay@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Teresa 4 years ago

I would really love the recipe for the couscous without yogurt. I also would love the other recipes! Thank you!

smithcyn 4 years ago

To Houston's Employee or anyone who may be able to help me... I would love Houston's seared Tuna salad recipe. Thanks so much, typeme@bellsouth.net

Joe 4 years ago

Does anyone have Houston's red bean soup receipe??

John Vogel 4 years ago

I need the steak thai noodle salad recipe...

I am seriously addicted, could you email me the recipe?



paul 4 years ago

Spicy mayonnaise - Chefs sauce - given with fries

Liquid smoke, helmans mayo, Italian parsley, garlic powder, cayene pepper

Posting because I would like to be able to find it again on the internet. :) enjoy

Erika 4 years ago

OMG!!! Can somebody please post the CHICKEN TENDERS RECIPE??? I miss Houston's SO much! Orig. from MD, now living in FL...dying for something good!! Please...I'm fading, between the crab cake massacres and just plain "bad food", I would find a new reason to live with this recipe!


Please and Thank you!!

Valerie Kilgore 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

Houston's employee! Please email the recipes, specifically the chicken tenders one to valerie.kilgore@gmail.com. Many thanks!

Marcie 4 years ago

Add me to the list wanting to make Houston's chicken tenders from the comfort of my kitchen. Please send me the recipe: mlwtlc333@yahoo.com. Thanks so much.

Jakethesnake 4 years ago

Can someone send me the recipe for houstons fire house chili? Thanks. jmanse.arch


John C 4 years ago

I am in need of the Chili recipe. I am in a cook off at my sons school and I want to win for him. Does any one have it....

johnchandler2 (at) gmail.com

undeclareddd 4 years ago

Did anyone get the brussel sprouts recipe?

Eve 4 years ago

Houston employee are you still givng out recipes? I would like a few.

You can email me at Evanthia411@gmail.com


pburns81 profile image

pburns81 4 years ago from Dallas, Texas

If anyone is still reading this and has the recipe for Houston's brussels sprout, I'd LOVE it! Those are the only Brussels sprouts I'll eat! pamelaburns81@gmail.com

meimei 4 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for the "Thai steak & noodle salad (with Rotisserie Chicken)"?

Please send to : 10726837@facebook.com


poco714 4 years ago

I worked at Houston's for thirteen years, would love to have accurate recipe for Black beans and brown rice. I get close but would love to have recipe! Thanks to anyone who can help!

please send to: akrussell@purdue.edu

Jules 3 years ago

can you please send me the pine room salad & Thai noodle steak salad recipe? Panfilj@cisco.com. Thanks !!

hungryjoe 3 years ago

would someone please send me the very berry wild rice recipe.



Denise 3 years ago

Did I miss the Kale Salad Recipe? Please send the recipe to me, I will appreciate it greatly:-) Denise.luke@gmail.com

Billy 3 years ago

Nice . Comment: I think we should have fun with this site :)

I need help from anyone interested.

Idea #1. Have a weekend contest. Example :#1

Ideas: #1:first we vote on recepie

Then we all make item then we vote.


mirza pinzon 3 years ago

Houston's employee,

I hope you see this and PLEASE email me the black beans and rice recipe My email is: aflac.mp@gmail.com Thank you!!!

Kalesaladfan 3 years ago

Houston's employee, can you please email me the recipe fr the blak bean soup and the Kale salad, please, please? Nandaphoto@yahoo.com

robmgan 3 years ago

Houston's employee,

pleas,pleas,pleas .....

I hope you see this and PLEASE email me the black beans and rice recipe My email is: robmgan@gmail.com Thank you!!!

Kim 3 years ago

I would love the chicken fingers recipe for my kids. Thx in advance

Kevin 3 years ago

The best chicken tenders on this entire planet are the Houston's tenders. Houston's has so many great items on their menu but I rarely get to eat them because those tenders are so darn good. Someone PLEASE oh PLEASE end my search for this recipe. Please help me by sending the recipe to KJONES9500@Yahoo.com

debbie 2 years ago

I would love the brussel sprouts recipe. the first time I had a brussel sprout was from Houston's. email me with the recipe if anybody has it. thanks you so much in advance!! the_latin_queen@Hotmail.com

kim 2 years ago

I would love the chicken fingers recipe. Houston's had the best recipe for these I've ever tasted anywhere. Thanks so much!!


Billie 2 years ago

Pleeeeassse, email me the recipe for the five nut brownie ! Thank you


Dayna 2 years ago

Please email me the braised cabbage and goat cheese recipe! It's the best! Thank you! dlombas@yahoo.com

John 2 years ago

Pine Room salad recipe from R & D Kitchen. Please post it!

goldyn 2 years ago

Chicken tortilla soup - what else can I say? Please send to terrysandersor@gmail.com

Koiponds 2 years ago

Houston employee

Would you send me the firehouse chili recipe

Andylala2 2 years ago

Hello anyone, Houston's employee,

I am looking for the baked potato soup recipe, Hawaiian rib eye recipe, and the chicken tender recipe.


Toomuchsoap 2 years ago

Re the Grilled Artichokes

I've eaten in and am addicted to the artichokes at the Hillstone's (formerly Houstons on Preston in Dallas). I've tried duplicating their chokes using the steamed/boiled parcooked methods and they just don't work. We ate there last night, and I realized that their grilling method doesn't use any kind wet prep prior. They put those babies on the grill and let them grill and roast there until they're tender. I haven't tried it yet at home, as we can't truly duplicate the smoky quality of a wood-fired grill on our gas one, but any charcoal/wood grill would do the job.

The sauce is a mayo-based tartar sauce really (w/o the bits of onion). To call the dipping sauce remoulade is a misnomer IMO, though a standard remoulade would be great too.

heydoc2025 2 years ago

Trying to locate a recipe for the smoked salmon appetizer. I have a smoker capable of cold and hot smoking. Would love to try to create the Houston's smoked salmon appetizer. If anyone has it, please send to heydoc2025@aol.com. Thanks in advance!!

Toni 2 years ago

Please send me the black beans and brown rice recipe. I've been searching


Toflora 2 years ago

Please email me Houstons 5 nut brownie icing recipe.

Kim Calhoun 22 months ago

Houstons Employee I would love to have a few of your recipes. Please email me KimCalhounRN@gmail.com

Toflora 22 months ago

I forgot to leave my email address for the black beans and rice recipe.

Please Please !! I got have to have this recipe:)


UnFun 22 months ago

Dear Houston's Employee, and

Dear Hillstone/ Houston's fellow fans,

I've tried forever to duplicate what you've created, with only marginal success! Could you please email me recipe's for any and all of the Hillstone/ Houston's dishes you could share so I can figure out where I'm going wrong.

Please, anyone else with a recipe, I'd be truly appreciative and grateful if you would share some with me too.

Hillstone sushi

Hillstone salads - ALL of them!

Houston's classic Mexico City soup

Houston's chicken tenders

Houston's curried corn

brussels sprouts


fish, chicken, meat main courses

any and all sides, meat, fish, salads, dressings.... don't hold back.

My family would be so happy!

thank you!


Terri 17 months ago

Pine room salad from R + D restaurant? Part of the Hillstone restaurant group?? Please please email me...girlnhoov@aol.com

April 14 months ago

I am also looking for the Pine room salad if anyone has it.


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Merril 9 months ago

I desperately would like the recipe for Houston's ROASTERED CHICKEN with BLACK BEANS. That is my favorite dinner. If anyone has the recipe I would greatly appreciate it. Best BLACK BEANS you will ever eat.


Caryl 6 months ago

Would love the Pine Room Salad recipe and the cheese toast recipe. Cdbeaty@aim.com.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

kjh 6 months ago

Google Hillstones recipes and a link for Bon Appetite mag has 8 recipes

MERRIL 5 months ago

I really would like the recipe for Houston's Roasted chicken with BLACK BEANS. This is the best.

Can anyone help? Drcandmrc@att.net

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