How To Store Your Breakfast Cereals 101

Zip lock freezer bags(Gallon Size)
Zip lock freezer bags(Gallon Size)
Zipp lock bag  can be labeled by name
Zipp lock bag can be labeled by name
Zip lock and replace inside box
Zip lock and replace inside box

Zip Lock Saves The Product

It is very hard to keep box cereals fresh, most of the time that top tab on the box close.

I know every house hold has folded that bag time and time again and it will not stay close.

Well here we go:

Freezer zip lock bags works wonders. (Gallon size)

  1. Remove the cereal bag from the box
  2. Have your freezer bag ready and open ( do this on a clean surface)
  3. Open your cereal bag place it inside the zip lock storage bag than turn it upside down ( That will keep you from have the spill cleanup)
  4. Now remove the old cereal bag (Zip your bag leave a small opening to release air)
  5. Replace bag in the Cereal box release air from bag.
  6. Zip your bag completely and the close box

There you have it….

You can store it without the box that is your choice.

I like the look of my cereal boxes in the pantry all lined up. It makes your pantry look so neat.

Your cereals will stay fresh longer and you will be organized.

The zip lock bags can be reused for that same cereals and they can be labeled by name.

By labeling with names you can teach your child/children to read.

Make organizing fun for the little family members as well.

Thanks! © Sharon Smith6/10/11

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SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 5 years ago from Texas Author

Hello My Dear Daughter,I hope this helps make your mommying very easy.

Love your MOM Sharon Smith

Latrisha T 5 years ago

I have always wondered what I could do to solve that problem! Thank you!

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