How TO Draw A Picture On A Cake

It's Easier Than You Think!

  • After I became a cake decorator, I learned very quickly that the best sellers were the cakes with pictures on them. Especially for children. If you could get a picture of them, or their favorite cartoon character, or singer, or actor, on a cake. they would be absolutely thrilled. Their parents would always come back to me with stories of how much their child loved the cake.

If you could find a cake decorating class at a good price, that would be great. then, they would teach you how you could put a picture on a cake with or without the air-brushing. Or you could make your own homemade cake.

After you bake your cake, make sure you slice off the mound in the middle of the cake where it was rising. Then flip the cake on the cake board so that the bottom side is up. You're going to need that flat bottom. When the cake is cooled, go ahead and ice the cake with butter-cream icing, use lots of icing, and even it out on all sides. Make sure the icing is white, any other color will come through the rice paper.  Now for the picture.

You will need:

  • Edible Rice Paper
  • Paint Brushes
  • Plain Gel (made from sugar)
  • A Non-Toxic Felt Pen
  • Food Coloring
  • An Craft Knife
  • A picture that you would like to trace

All of these items can be found at any cake decorating shop or department store that sell cake decorating supplies. The picture can be found in any magazine or coloring book.

Take your non-toxic felt tip pen and trace your favorite picture on a piece of regular white paper first. the thinner the paper the more you can see what you are tracing. After you have traced your picture, go over the lines to make sure they are dark enough. Then put your edible rice paper over the picture you just traced. Secure the picture with paper clips, you don't want your paper moving around while you are trying to trace it. After you have your picture transferred onto the rice paper, now, you are ready to paint it.

Get a paper plate and put small dabs of gel on it. If you need five colors, then put five dabs of gel on the plate,( it doesn't take much gel.) Use the food colors to color the gel in what ever colors you want. It is best to use a toothpick to get the food coloring out, it really doesn't take a lot of color. Then use your paint brushes to paint you picture.

After you have painted your picture, let it dry for about an hour. gel can get pretty sticky if it's not dry enough. When your picture is dry to your touch. use your craft Knife, or scissors to cut out the picture. Now you can place it on top of your cake. The icing is white and so is the rice paper, so everything should blend in nicely.

Now you can write on the cake, put flowers on it or a nice border. The more cakes you do the better you will get! Practice! Practice! Practice! And have fun!


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Sakyra 6 years ago

I think that we should consider helping kids who are trying to learn how to bake cakes with images on them like me. I am 10 years old and would like to put a picture o fmy auntie for her babby shower. How do I do it for little money? Also does it cost money to join your website now?

mrmr 6 years ago

you are very very baaaaaaaaaaaaaad i hate yooooooooooooooooooooooooou

cbgolston profile image

cbgolston 6 years ago Author

Hello Sakyra,

I am very sorry to take this long to answere your question. No it does not cost any money to join this website, it is free. If your auntie's baby showere has already past, then you have a lot of time to practice.

If you have your own cake recipe, than you make use it. If not than you can use Duncan Hines or your favorite cake mix from the store. follow the directions on the back of the box except use one(1)less egg. this will make the cake a little firmer. this helps when icing the cake. Make sure the cake is complete cool before icing. As I said before, keep practicing and your cake will look better each time. Please let me know how your cakes turn out!


cbgolston profile image

cbgolston 6 years ago Author

Hello mrmr,

Thank you for pointing out how bad I am. Such a comment makes me really look at myself. It makes me want to fix the problem so that I won't be so bad. So please tell me why you say I'm bad and why you hate me. I will be glad to tell you what you shoud know about me. I don't want to be bad anymore!


Kim 6 years ago

Hi, I just made the 3 stooges on my rice paper.

My cake that i have is frosted red.

How or what should i do so that the color red doesn't bleed into my picture when i put in on my cake.

thanks for any help

Kim 6 years ago

you can email me back at

thanks again

Madhu 6 years ago

hi... really i don't know how to draw a picture on a cake. first time learn it from you. thnx for it. and another request too, can't you post this with video or photos??? if it is , very help for us.

thnx. god bless.

cbgolston profile image

cbgolston 6 years ago Author

Hello Kim,

If you are going to put a picture on a cake, the icing should always be white, because any other color will come through the rice paper. but since your icing is red, then your pictures should be done in black. Outline the picture in black, and color in the clothing and hair in black or streaks of black. this will give your picture a "cartoon" appearance.

Jennifer 6 years ago


PLEASE HELP!!... I have done this method, and I actually prefer just to outline the image onto the rice paper, then transfer the rice paper onto the cake and use star tips to fill in the outline with icing. Here is my question - when I do this, the rice paper does not dissolve into the cake, and when you cut into the cake, the image lifts off the cake. I make sure I wait at least one full day after putting the image onto the cake before eating it.

I have used butter cream, which tends to give a better result than you get with regular frosting, but still doesn't dissolve all the way. I've even gone as far as to brush the rice paper with a light coat of butter (since, to my understanding, the butter is what makes it dissolve), and even THAT didn't work! Since not everybody likes butter cream, is there any way to guarantee that the rice paper will dissolve into the regular frosting in time to eat the cake??

Thank you,


Elfsberg 6 years ago


Try using a picture of whatever you want, or freehand it in A1 format. Cover the paper with plastic wrap, outline the picture and fill in the color. Put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes till it firms up, and then flip it over onto the cake.

Works for me! =D

Lee-Ann 6 years ago

thanks for such interesting tips. Have you done a how to video yet :)

Brittney 6 years ago

What types of frosting works best with edible paper? I am looking to make a cake for my son but don't know if cream cheese frosting or butter cream frosting would be better.

To Brittney 6 years ago

Hi I have always used butter-cream icing for my cakes with pictures on them. I had my own recipes that was made from scratch. You should find yourself a butter-cream recipe from a cook-book, and make it your own. I don't care for the store bought icings(I don't trust them).

To Lee Ann 6 years ago

Thanks for your comment. No, I never thought about a video, but it's an interesting idea!

To Lee Ann 6 years ago

Thanks for your comment. No, I never thought about a video, but it's an interesting idea!

Kajol 6 years ago

Hi I always used butter cream icing for my cake but I will try anyways not a good idea

Rani 5 years ago

Do you have a website?

cbgolston profile image

cbgolston 5 years ago Author

No website, just an email. I started doing cake decorating for my friends and family. after a class or two. I was making baby shower, birthday,and wedding cakes for co-workers and their families and friends. I learned the tricks of the trades, and I just wanted to share what I learned.

Asvini 4 years ago

Don't think that i am teasing you, but this is sooooooooooo worst cake. i am so sorry please.

Ruta 20 months ago

Please upload the video...

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