How To Make Molded Homemade Chocolate Candy Part 2

Images of Lollipop Mold & Homemade Molded Chocolate Lollipops

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 lollipop chocolate moldhomemade molded chocolate lollipops
 lollipop chocolate mold
lollipop chocolate mold
homemade molded chocolate lollipops
homemade molded chocolate lollipops

How To Make Molded Chocolate Lollipops

Step-By-Step Guide:

  1. Pour tempered chocolate into each lollipop mold. Gently tap mold to remove air bubbles.
  2. Position lollipop sticks in each mold. Gently rotate lollipop sticks to thoroughly cover it with the melted chocolate to keep it securely in place.
  3. Refrigerate or place the filled lollipop molds inside the refrigerator for a few minutes until firm (don't leave it too long inside the refrigerator) or you can leave it in a cool dry place to set. To check if the chocolate is already set, look at the bottom of the mold, if it appear grayish, it means that the chocolate have slightly pulled away from the mold and so the chocolate can now be removed from the mold.
  4. Cover a flat surface with parchment paper and carefully but quickly reverse the mold, firmly tapping the mold to release the molded chocolates. The molded chocolates should easily fall out. (Before unmolding, be sure to scrape the excess chocolate on top of the mold so that the molded chocolates will fall out easily, excess chocolates on top of the mold will make the edges of your molded chocolate appear jagged and the molded chocolates will not fall out easily).
  5. Use a pair of rubber gloves in handling your molded candies so as not to leave your finger prints on the finished molded chocolates.

Photos of Molded Chocolate Candies

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cream-filled molded chocolate candieslayered molded chocolate candies on top of a handmade chocolate cupmolded chocolate candies-finished product
cream-filled molded chocolate candies
cream-filled molded chocolate candies
layered molded chocolate candies on top of a handmade chocolate cup
layered molded chocolate candies on top of a handmade chocolate cup
molded chocolate candies-finished product
molded chocolate candies-finished product

How To Add Details to Your Molded Chocolate Candies

You can paint colors or add details to your molded chocolate candies with the following step-by-step-guide:

  • Set aside a small amount or portion of your melted or tempered white chocolate in a small plastic or microwaveable cups.
  • Add a paste food coloring to the white melted or tempered chocolate. Dip the tip of a toothpick on the food coloring and tint the white chocolate with your desired food coloring and mix evenly. Adding food color a little at a time while continuously stirring until you achieved the desired color.
  • Use a decorator brush to paint the details or the design on the mold. Leave it to set before adding another color and repeating the process for each additional color.
  • To make layered chocolate candies, fill mold with small amount of melted or tempered chocolate, tap mold to remove air and leave to set before adding another layer, repeating the process for each additional layer.

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glorgeousmom 5 years ago from Philippines Author

@ docmo: thank you for voting-up. after supervising your kids in the melting and tempering part, you can have them do the moulding on their own. I'll guarantee you, they'll enjoy it.

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Docmo 5 years ago from UK

Yum - great recipes and ideas - will get the kids involved in creating there own! Voted up.

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