How To Make Mouth Melting Macaroons




Ground almonds 200 g

Ground rice 25 g

Caster sugar 300 g

Icing sugar 100 g

Eggs 4

Almond essence

Split almonds for decoration 30

Rice paper 3 sheets


1. Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

2. Lightly oil the baking trays and line them with rice


3. Mix all the dry ingredients together, omitting the split


4. Add the egg whites and a few drops of almond essence,

mix to a smooth paste.

5. Using a piping bag containing a 13 mm plain piping

tube pipe the mixture onto the rice paper in button

shapes 2.5 cm in diameter and 1.5 cm apart.

6. Damp them with a wet brush. Place a split almond on

each and bake in an oven at 175


C until crisp and light

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BeBrown profile image

BeBrown 6 years ago

mmm mmm mmm :)

Super Chef profile image

Super Chef 6 years ago from Around the world Author

BeBrown you should try cooking these mouth melting macaroons they are exceptional thanks for your comment.

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