How To Manage Meals For a Month On A Shoestring

How To Manage Meals For A Month On A Shoestring

 As the economy gets worse it gets harder to harder to budget. We go grocery shopping once a month for the main groceries. The way I shop is buy in bulk like leg quarter,if we are at Walmart shopping I'll buy the ten pound bag for $5.66. When I get them home because there is three of us in the house I cut the leg quarters into different meals with six legs for a meal then three thighs for a meal a whole leg quarter for a meal I usually come up with nine different meals from a ten pound bag of leg quarters. I'll also buy the ten pound bulk of ground chuck and divide that up into one pound sandwich baggies for ten meals. There are lots of ways to stretch that dollar as far as food is concerned. Plan your meals around your family and how many are home that night. Don't make a meal for seven if only four are going to be home for dinner and the other three are eating out for the night. If you have Internet access look up ideas for meals. There's several sites with free recipes. I belong to alot of them and I also have cd roms that i bought and installed into the computer. I think it's alot easier to plan your shopping and meals this way and you also save money by buying bulk and can splurge sometimes on extra snacks.


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