How To Tell If Nectarines Are Ripe


The nectarine is a basically a peach that has a smooth skin. Though fuzzy peaches and nectarines are regarded commercially as different fruits, they actually belong to the same species as peaches. Nectarines are often erroneously believed to be a crossbreed between peaches and plums, but they are actually created due to a recessive gene. Fuzzy skin on peaches is a dominant gene and the smooth skin is the recessive gene.

How To Tell If Nectarines Are Ripe

A ripe nectarine should be smooth, bright, shiny and unblemished.

Lightly push your finger into a nectarine. If the fruit is resistant and hard, it is not ripe. If the nectarine gives slightly, it is ripe. If the nectarine is mushy, the fruit is overripe.

Smell the nectarine. A ripe nectarine should have a sweet, fragrant aroma.

Like many fruits, the nectarine continues to ripen after it has been picked. If you have an unripe nectarine, you can put it in a brown paper bag to speed up the ripening process.

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