How You Can Find Commercial Style Parchment Paper

Baking Parchment Paper

All About Baking Parchment Paper

Baking parchment paper is known by many terms. It's generally referred to as baking release paper, silicone sheets or greaseproof pan liners. One item of which it is certainly not is wax paper.

Modern baking parchment paper is developed by just dipping sheets of paper pulp into a bath of sulfuric acid or zinc chloride. This unique course of action partially melts or gelatinizes the paper pulp, a process which is stopped just by removing the chemicals and then by drying. This treatment creates a sulfurized, cross-linked material with high density, stability, resistance to heat along with low surface energy, thus providing excellent non-stick or release properties. The treated paper has an appearance similar to that of regular parchment.

While it is recognized by a number of names, baking parchment paper normally falls into one of two categories:

Quilon Coated Baking Parchment Paper

Quilon baking parchment paper is divided into a couple of different types of baking parchment paper, bleached and unbleached. Bleached parchment paper is white colored and unbleached parchment paper (or natural paper) is brown. The paper has a compound called Quilon applied to it which gives the parchment paper it is release features. Based on the food you happen to be preparing, Quilon treated baking parchment can usually be reused a couple of times. Higher sugar levels often create stickier results. The stickier the item,the less you are going to be able to reuse the paper. Quilon coated parchment paper is designed for lower temperatures and shorter cooking times, usually up to half an hour at four hundred degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature setting and time the parchment paper can generally brown along the edges without actually burning. Nevertheless, it is best to always check the parchment paper for yourself as ovens and papers often differ. Additionally, you shouldn't use Quilon coated paper if you have to use high temps or prolonged cooking times.

Baking Sheets Treated With Silicone

Not to be confused with the element Silicon, Silicone is a substance that's applied to baking parchment paper that creates a high density, heat resistant and stable parchment sheet with great non-stick and release attributes. This kind of baking parchment paper is definitely recommended for lengthy preparation times or high heat uses as it's much better at withstanding heat than Quilon baking parchment paper . Of course, the disadvantage to this is the price. Silicone coated parchment paper costs you quite a bit more than its Quilon treated counterpart.

Wax Paper

As we talked about before, wax paper isn't the same thing as baking paper. Wax paper is simply regular paper that's just coated with wax in order to make it waterproof. It shouldn't be used close to a heat source as the wax might melt and the paper may combust.

Commercial Paper vs. Supermarket Brands

Not all baking parchment paper is created equally. If you've ever acquired some at a supermarket you might realize exactly what we mean. Grocery store paper is usually sold in a roll. This causes the paper to roll up if you attempt to lay it flat. Commercial paper is not shipped in a roll, thereby removing this specific problem. Additionally, grocery store baking parchment is significantly thicker compared to commercial paper. Then, of course, there's the cost. Commercial type baking parchment is normally much more cost-effective.

Which paper is the right paper for me?

Which paper you ought to purchase depends on your own specific needs. Quilon coated parchment paper is fine for basic cooking purposes. However, it should not be used for broiling or any other high heat food preparation. Also, it should be noted that it is not designed to be used for t-shirt transfers, due to the fact that it wasn't designed to do that. But, in case you need to bake some cookies and don't wish to clean up the pans, Quilon coated baking parchment paper may be just the thing you are looking for.

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