How to Find Free Online Recipes

Are you still paying for recipes? Unless you're using recipe software, a good, inexpensive way to have access to countless recipes, there are a number of ways to get free online recipes and have an unlimited number of recipes to choose from. Here are a few great recipe sites and what they have to offer anyone who loves cooking.

AOL Food

Check out AOL Food for an enormous number of free online recipes. This site has thousands of free recipes, and it allows users to create their own online cookbooks and to look through the online cookbooks that other people have put together on the site. It also allows users to review and rate the recipes, so you can use the site to see how real people have enjoyed the recipe in their own homes.

Check out for a large free recipe site that works much like AOL Food. It also allows users to create free online cookbooks and to rate the free recipes on the site. The feedback from other users is a neat way to see how the recipes have actually worked off the page and in real kitchens.

Read for more than 40,000 free recipes. The site organizes them into a number of easy to use categories such as Atkins Diet recipes, Japanese recipes, Main Dish recipes and more than 100 more categories. This makes it easy to find new recipes in the style you want without having to decide up front about the exact dish you want to cook. 


Go to the Food and Drink section of suite101. There are thousands of free recipes there just waiting to be made. New recipes are added all the time by various writers of the site. The main search doesn't work very well for specific keywords, but browsing the Food and Drink section will show you the recipe titles available.

Many households have at least one person who suffers from food allergies. If you have allergies or you need to cook for someone who does, you can get allergy free recipes at The site has over 150 free recipes that all cater to people who have food allergies.

Use to find thousands of free gourmet recipes. The site also has a number of types of free drink recipes. It doesn't have many categories, but it has interesting ones such as Romantic Recipes.

Look through to get an enormous number of free cooking recipes. The site also has seasoning blend recipes to help you save money on seasonings and your overall grocery bill, and if you've ever priced seasoning at the grocery store, you know how expensive those suckers can be. 

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