How to Grill Corn in the Husk

Grilled Corn Cob

One of the best side dish that fits a barbecued dish is the classic corn cob. It is usually prepared by grilling or broiling. One of the best way to enjoy a corn is through grilling. Grilling a corn cob may done in two ways, with the husk still intact or with the husk removed.   In this article, I will show you how to grill a corn cob with the husk still intact. So grab you aprons now and let’s start grilling.

Ingredients and materials needed:

·         Griller

·         Grilling Tongs

·         Butter

·         Water

·         Large pot or basin  for soaking

·         Corn on the cob with husk still intact

·         Small brush used for buttering

Steps in preparing a grilled corn in a husk:

1.       Gather all the needed materials and ingredients.

2.       Obtain the number of corns you want to grill. Choose the best and fresh ones to have a better tasting corn.

3.       Tend to your corns. Peel off partially some of the husk to make sure to obtain a good ear. Also, remove all the corn silk as you can. It is important to do so because the corn silk will tend to burn once you start grilling the corn.

4.       Clean the corn and its husk carefully under running water. This will ensure cleanliness and less contaminated corn.

5.       Take a hold of a large basin ad fill it with water. Soak then your corn with the husk still on for about 15 to 30 minutes. This will make sure that your corn can be grilled for a long time without burning it. This will also avoid a charred outside and uncooked inside output of your corn.

6.       While waiting for the corn soaking process, start preheating the griller into medium heat. Leave it for a while.

7.       After 30 minutes, remove the corn and shake excess water from the corn. The corn must be wet but not to the point of dripping.

8.       By now, your griller must be on the right temperature for grilling. Place then the corns over the griller grates.  After ten minutes, flip the corns to one side. Do this in every side of the corn every after ten minutes. Make sure to perform this procedure correctly to have an evenly cooked corn. This will also produce a brownish appearance to your corn later.

9.       Once the husk has turned nearly black and charred, this signals that your corn is already done. Remove the corn from the griller one by one using a grilling tong. Be careful because the corn at this time is very hot. Don’t ever attempt to remove the corn from the griller by using your bare hands; you may burn your hands. Place it then in a plate or food basket.

10.   Let it cool for how many minutes, but not totally cold. Just enough that you can handle the corn without burning your palms.

11.   Slowly remove t he charred corn husk and discard them. Clean each corn meticulously because some of the charred husk will tend to stick to the corns. Place then beautifully grilled corn in a serving platter. You may brush a little melted butter and sprinkle some salt to add flavor.  

how to grill corn on the cob in the husk

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