How to Make Brilliant Brioche




Flour 400 g

Butter 125 g

Yeast 25 g

Milk 100 ml

Eggs 4

Castor sugar 35 g

Salt 5 g


1. Clean and grease the cake or brioche moulds.

2. Whisk the eggs together in a basin; soften the butter.

3. Warm the milk to bloodheat and put in the yeast to

dissolve. Add sufficient of the flour to make a batter

and put in a warm place to ferment.

4. Sieve together the flour, salt and sugar, add the ferment

and the eggs and mix to a smooth dough.

5. Mix in the softened butter, cover the dough with a cloth

and allow to prove in a cool place for 6 hours.

6. Knock back the dough, divide it into the required

number of pieces and place it into the moulds.

7. Prove to double their size then bake in an oven at

200°C for 25 minutes.


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