How to Make Curry Chicken Caribbean Style


  • 2- 3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 3 lbs of chicken brest, cut into pieces or use whole chicken parts
  • 1 large onion, diced
  • 6 cloves garlic, minced
  • 4 large potatoes - peeled and cubed
  • Salt to taste
  • 1/4 cup Curry powder - I like Jamican curry powder
  • 1 whole hot pepper- if kids are eating this meal don't put the hot pepper


  1. Heat the oil in a large pot over medium-high heat.
  2. Saute the chicken, onions, and garlic until the chicken has browned; about 5-7 minutes.
  3. Put in potatoes, salt, and curry powder; stir pot add enough water to cover the chicken halfway.
  4. Cover, and simmer until tender, 30 to 40 minutes.
  5. Season to taste with hot pepper sauce. A true West Indian adds one whole Hot Pepper in the pot and lets is simmer to get the spicy taste. Yummy!

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sam 6 years ago

is that it?

ChickenHouses 6 years ago

yeap that is it - very simple to make and it's oh so tasting especially with the hot pepper added. Warning if you don't like spicy skip the hot pepper.

jada 5 years ago

i tried how u did it and it turned out good.

Valeria 5 years ago

Hi I'm an Hispanic gonna b making curry chicken for the first time. I had to look in a couple of stores in order to find the Jamaican curry bc my Jamaican friend told me NOT to buy the curry from India bc it stinks n it's different. I noticed that too. I mean when I've smelled curry chicken cooked Indian style it smells much more stronger n lingers not in a good way than the caribbean style. Why is that?

jennifer 5 years ago

I was reading all these comments about curry chicken. I use to prepare it all the time, but nowadays you cannot find the genuine curry. New York is the best because their are a lot of Jamaican live there and I had a lot of Jamaican friends. In Va.i found the Jamaica-Jamaician brand also. Where can I find it here in Temple Texas? I would like to have it ready for THANKSGIVING. Something different of course,besides turkey and ham. Still having that too.

Brittany 5 years ago

This was a great, straight to the point recipe! I love curry chicken, but have never tried to make it. I just got finished making it! I don't like runny dishes so I made my meat and potato cubes bigger so I could let them simmer longer. Instead of hot pepper sauce, I put dried chinese peppers (three to be exact). It's HOT! Lol. Good but hot! And for reference, my curry is Rosa Maria Jamacian Curry. Hope that helps anyone still looking for curry.

fallon 5 years ago

i tried it i added some season salt though and it tasted amazing thanx

chickenhouses 5 years ago

I'm glad you liked it. I'm thinking of putting up more Caribbean recipes.

JaLem  5 years ago

I have an even better recipe

Carrie 5 years ago

how do i cut the garlic and onion? just leave in chunks of it?...can you explain that a little more please?


ChickenHousesPlus 5 years ago

use minced garlic and chop onions in chunks.

brittany d 5 years ago

I added sugar and it was absolutley amazzzzzing

leah 5 years ago

Thxs!!! It came out awesome!!! My family loved it!:)

leah 5 years ago

Thxs!!! It came out awesome!!! My family loved it!:)

Rob from Canada 5 years ago

I've been dying to eat me some curry chicken since the first time i tried it when i was incarcerated. My girl is going to try this recipe for me and we'll see.

Jino's Wife 5 years ago

I used this recipe to make curry chicken for the first time. I added my own seasonings and it was delicious... and spicy just how I like it. My hubby liked it too :-). Thanks for the recipe.

Alton 5 years ago

Tanks alot for the recipe i swear i had know how to cook this at one time but i had forget so tanks for the refresher!

sharmaine 5 years ago

my husband is jamaican and i have jamiacan family members the best curry to use is blue moutain curry or the one by grace if you can't find blue mountain.habanaro pepper is the best one to use in jamaican dishes.

shaq 5 years ago

Just made tha curry chicken and instead of letting it simmer in a pot I put it in tha oven 4 about 45 mins omg to die 4!!!!

@BlackIronChef22 4 years ago


avianna 4 years ago

Me and my mom are making it right now and it is a fun food and tastes good

Brandi 4 years ago

Im making it rite now I hope it comes out alright!!! It smells gd tho

Tiffany 4 years ago

Im making it now....smells amazing tastes delicious....I addef ginger

Stefanie 4 years ago

I made this and added red peppers. My son and I both enjoyed it.

ChickenHouses profile image

ChickenHouses 4 years ago from North Central Florida Author

you can do curry with just vegetables, like pumpkin, fresh green beans, chick peas, sweet peppers. All are yummy

Professor Ray in DC 4 years ago

The recipe is a winner. I made this last night for a New Year's party, and the guests were licking their fingers!!! I added Old Bay, lemon pepper by Mrs. Dash, and 1 jalapeƱo and 4 banana peppers for taste.

Veronica 4 years ago

I tried this recipe to night and my meal was great thanks!! Licking my fingers!!

Tanisha 4 years ago

This was the first time I made curry chicken and it came out sooo good. I just added some of my own seasonings and its perfect! Kudos to you :)

tree 4 years ago

I made this today and it turned out much better than when I made it previously. The type of curry really makes a difference. My coworker gave me some that her family brought her from the islands and you only need a small amount. This is the real deal curry. I used less than 3 table spoons in my entire pot. Previously I used half the container of the other curry powder. I followed these instructions and it came out great. The next time I will include the red pepper. I was scared because I don't want it yo be really hot. I just want a little spice kick. Maybe some cayanne pepper??

Marissa Mickle 4 years ago

guyanese make curry deerent but this one worked as well

roslyn 4 years ago

I'm going to try and make it for my daughter

4637545425574 4 years ago

I LOVED IT the best and i thought i couldn't cook but my family said i was wrong

sel 4 years ago

Thats it? No need to put coconut milk?i dont like indian curry too because of its strong smell..i hope this curry way better

SHaine 4 years ago

Do u have to season the chicken in any way before putting to saute?

ChickenHouses profile image

ChickenHouses 4 years ago from North Central Florida Author

you can season the chicken with a little salt and pepper and a some of the curry powder

Keisha 3 years ago

Absolutely delicious! Simply, easy, and yummy

ChickenHouses profile image

ChickenHouses 3 years ago from North Central Florida Author

Yes I have to agree it's delicious. Making curry duck for Thanksgiving. Yummy.


zenobia r harris 3 years ago

im making it tonight for my class tomorrow ,they are going to be surpise ill go to dental assistant school an ill finish my 1st mode so we have a cover dish that we have to bring. somehing in our culture.well this recipe is good. an ill use blue mountain curry the best im goimg to knock my classmate socks off especiaay the scotch bonnett in there. thank you an god bless.

chayo 3 years ago

I've been looking for a good curry dish but never thought of jamaican style. I read every comment and feel reassured that it should turn out good. all the comments have been positive, not one negative comment. thanks for recipe and will let you know how it turns out when I cook it.

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