How to Make Fun Unique Exiciting Cake Ideas



Need a few new cake ideas to spice up a special occasion or birthday? Here are some unique, fun, and best of all easy, cake design ideas for you to try!

Thinking up that perfect cake design can be difficult , especially when you really want to surprise the recipient of your creation, whether they be an old friend or a new neighbor you want to really make them smile with your original and creative cake baking skills. Not to worry though, there are endless ways to spice up your cake. Starting from the cake itself to the decorations, the possibilities are ever-flowing.

  • You could begin with a unique mix of flavors to start off your cake or you could redo / combine various parts of desserts to make a special creation.

Examples: A rose and white chocolate flavored cake and cream. Or a meringue topped, banana pudding-filled sponge cake.

  • You could redesign a classic cake recipe to become innovative and unique.

Example: Instead of black forest cake, try a similar cake but in the color of your recipient's favorite color.

  • A simple but fresh fruit design topping is always a beautiful cake topper.

Example: Use fresh tropical fruits to design a lovely top for your guest! Eg. starfruit, mangoes, passion fruit, etc.

  • Create from your imagination. What's stopping you from making that crazy cake you have always wanted to try?

Example: Try making a vertical Swiss roll cake.

  • Use cake shape pans to make fun and original cakes. Or cut out the shapes yourself.

Example: If you don't have any actual cake pans with fun shapes, use a bundt pan and a normal round cake pan to make a interesting layer cake. Or cut out a heart from a square cake.

  • Use decorations to your advantage.

Examples: Decorative designs like cookies, cupcakes, or little cake topper figures, are wonderful on top of a cake.

  • Try out fondant or cream to make beautiful designs and decorations.

Example: Using fondant you can turn your cake into almost anything! From a race car to princess cake fondant can be cut and shaped into your dream cake.

Cake recipes and Ideas:


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