How to Make Green Onions, (Scallions) Last all Season.

Store Bought Organic Green Onions

Prepping the onions for planting
Prepping the onions for planting | Source
Cut the onions just before the dark green parts.
Cut the onions just before the dark green parts. | Source
Plant the fuzzy end in 1/2 inch soil.
Plant the fuzzy end in 1/2 inch soil. | Source
In just a few days the green parts of the onion already are growing back.
In just a few days the green parts of the onion already are growing back. | Source

Extending the Life of Green Onions

How I save money by planting store bought Green Onions.

One day, a few years ago I was picking up my weekly store bought bunch of Green Onions, or Scallions as my husband likes to call them. I thought to myself, "How can I cut down my grocery bill a little more?" When I got home that day a light bulb went on in my head!

I took a look at the Green Onions and saw that the fuzzy bottom roots were still on the onions. So I chopped the onions, (as you see in the picture) and headed out to my Herb Garden to search for an empty flower pot.

After a few days the entire Green part of the onions grew back again! I cut the green parts of the onions off, left the white parts still potted, watered them, and... a few days later the Green parts of the onions grew back again! And it continued growing those Green Onions all season... all the way into the fall season.

Now here is the best thing about planting the green onions. It only cost me fifty cents for the bunch. That's less than a pack of seeds. They grow in just a few days. And, I was able to use the green tops in soup, salad, scrambled eggs and as a garnish to top cream cheese filled celery! I didn't have to wait 60-90 days for seeds to grow a fully mature onion.

I was amazed at my brilliant discovery and said to myself... "what prevents me from trying this technique indoors?"

No, no, no... the Green Onions DID NOT do well in an indoor setting. So much for trying to stretch that dollar a little more. Stay tuned for more tips and recipes from my hub kitchen to yours...

Until we meet again... Francesca27

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Lenore Robinson profile image

Lenore Robinson 5 years ago from Delaware

Great information, Thanks!

bri36 5 years ago

well now here's a great tip, thank you

NTR57 5 years ago

You really have a green (onion) thumb!

Francesca27 profile image

Francesca27 5 years ago from Hub Page Author

And you NTR57 have your finger on the pulse of hubbing... thanks for stopping by my hub. Francesca27

WandasHomePlace profile image

WandasHomePlace 5 years ago

I love onions! I will plant my next bunch of green onions as you've showed me how to do it.

chonett 5 years ago

Great idea! Thanks.

jbhearn95 5 years ago

I'm going to give this a try. Thanks.

jbhearn95 5 years ago

I'm planting my next bunch of green onion fuzzy bottoms.

gidget911 5 years ago

I'm going to try this. Thank you. Keep your ideas coming.

jbhearn95 5 years ago

It really works!

NTR57 5 years ago

I see your growth of the scallions. It really does work!

ajthesmeagol 5 years ago

You know a lot of things and this is a good thing.

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