How to Make Polka Dots on Cakes

Polka Dots On Cakes

Cakes are form of breads or sometimes called bread-like food. Cakes are typically a sweet and they are enhanced baked dessert. On in its ancient forms, cakes are usually cheesecakes or fried breads and generally it has a round shape. A complete cake is regularly improved by wrapping it with an icing or also called frosting and also sometimes it is placed with toppings such as sprinkles which they are also called as jimmies, some also place it with toasted coconut or shredded, fresh fruit like mixed berries and oranges, Small chocolate candies, crushed peppermint, colorful candies like jelly beans, slivered, chopped or toasted nuts, mini cookies like animal crackers, sugar cookies that are cut into shape or pirouettes, chocolate curls candies in shape like fish of ducks and others. Frostings are typically made of powdered sugar, occasionally a cream or milk, fat of some sort and most of the time flavorings like the cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Some of the decorator uses some rolled fondant icing. Certain commercial bakeries incline to use some lard for the fat and most of the time lash the lard to put an air bubbles which simply makes the icing more light and easy to spread. Some of the home bakers moreover use some butter, margarine, lard or some combination of them. Sprinklings are slight and fixed pieces of oils and sugar that are colored by the use food coloring. And today, polka dots already exist in different varieties of cakes. A polka dot is a design containing of a display of chock-full circles, usually with space and the size are equal that are relatively close in the relation into their diameter. Polka dot is the most commonly notice on toys, children’s clothing, and furniture they are also appear on a extensive display of contexts but as of today and as the years passed by and industry of baking progress polka dots are found already in cakes, indeed it looks better and it tastes better. Polka dots contribute in adding a trendy and fun touch to a beautifying cake. With origins in the world of fashion, a polka dot translates into edible embellishments and stylish to dress up some cakes. Polka dots fits well on cakes in all ages and by use of different patterns colors and sizes the polka dot appearance can fit closely to any celebration such as weddings, showers, birthdays, anniversaries, religious affairs and engagement parties.

Ingredients for this polka dot on cake:

  • Specific candy wafer
  • Melted candy or chocolate

What you need to prepare for polka dots on cakes are the following materials:

  • Double boiler
  • Pastry or icing bag
  • Wax paper

Here's how it is done:

  • You need to prepare of gather all the necessary ingredients and equipment’s that are needed.
  • Use a melted chocolate or candy to generate polka dots for your cakes.
  • Select any candy wafers or chocolate in a color that counterparts the color pattern of your cake.
  • Next, melt the candy wafers or chocolate into a double boiler and do not put too much heat on it, it may alter the taste most especially on chocolates.
  • Put the melted candy or chocolate into a pastry or icing bag.
  • Cut off the tip of the pastry bag or the icing bag in order to make a little opening in order for the melted chocolate or melted candy to escape.
  • Moderately squeeze the bag for it to make melted chocolate or melted candies in round shape on a portion of a wax paper.
  • Make the candy or chocolate polka dots in all the same sizes or differ the extent of the dots by using more of the chocolate or less.
  • Then allow the chocolate or candy polka dots to strengthen totally.
  • Placing it in the fridge is a good idea that can speed up the method.
  • Press the toughened chocolate or candy polka dots into the frosting or icing to the cake.

Another way of making a polka dot on your cake is by the use of the following ingredients:

  • A baked and cooled cake with icing or frosting
  • Confectioners’ sugar
  • Cream of tartar
  • Egg whites that are beaten
  • Food coloring

You need the following materials such as:

  • Bowl
  • Electric mixer
  • Icing bag or ziploc
  • Waxed paper

Here how it is done:

  • You need to prepare all the necessary ingredients and materials that you needed.
  • Set aside the prepared baked and cooled cake.
  • In a mixing bowl, combined and stir together the Confectioners’ sugar and the cream of tartar.
  • By the use of electric mixing beat the beaten eggs for about five minutes until the mixture is thick enough in order to a particular shape.
  • Separate in many compartments and add the food coloring in each to create different colors as you desired.
  • After it has been colored, placed it in an icing bag with has s tip that is large and round
  • Pipe it over to form circles under a waxed paper and form numerous round shapes as you needed.
  • Allow it to dry and harden, it may take at least 12 hours to harden or place in the fridge.
  • Remove from the waxed paper and place or decorate on the cake.

There are also candies buttons that are available in the grocery stores with many different colors as well as shape and you can actually put them or decorate them as you desired on a cake.

A number of people say it is quite tough to make polka dots on cake but as you start and get in it, you realized it is pleasurable and stress-free, being not an expert in baking is not an interference to try this new type of decorating a cake. Remember that cakes with polka dot toppings needs to be preserve well and must be store in proper place in order to look good and taste better.

How to Make a Polka Dot Let's Party Cake

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