How to Make Vegetable Stew

How to Make Vegetable Stew

This is a homemade, low calorie, simple, one pot vegetable stew recipe that is packed with nutrient rich ingredients. You can use fresh or frozen vegetables, serve with fresh bread, plain yogurt and enjoy.

This stew is something that I've put together on my own and over the years I've tweaked enough times that I am finally proud to serve this to anyone. I wouldn't say this is a 5-star French gourmet soup that you might find at your Country Club, but I think those French chefs would secretly enjoy eating this!


Things you need:

3-4 Tablespoons vegetable oil

One yellow onion chopped

One big carrot grated

3-4 big potatoes cubed

3-4 garlic cloves finely chopped

2 cups fresh or frozen green beans

1 1/2 cups of green, yellow and red peppers sliced

half a cup of frozen peas

half a bunch (or one whole) of parsley

1 can of kidney beans (15 oz.), drained and rinsed

about 4 cups of warm water (more or less, depending how soupy you like a stew)


Heat up the oil and add the chopped onion and grated carrots. Stir-fry for 6-8 min., stirring gently. Add the warm water. Once the water is boiling add the salt and (optional) 3-4 garlic gloves and potatoes. I like to use gold potatoes in this recipe instead of new potatoes, which I think become too mushy. By now your stew should have a nice, rich orange color. Have the potatoes boil for no more than 10 min, then add the green beans. Bring back to boil and simmer for 5 additional minutes, then add the peas and bell peppers. Allow the stew to boil for another 5 minutes, however if you use fresh green beans and bell peppers, boil for 10 min, as they take longer to cook than the frozen ones. At this point, add the kidney beans. I enjoy this stew when the veggies are more crisp, so I tend to cook the meal a little short. If you prefer the veggies to be softer, you may try cooking the stew for a few minutes longer.

stir-fry onion and carrot
stir-fry onion and carrot
add and bring water to boil
add and bring water to boil
add green beans, potatoes have already boiled for 10 min.
add green beans, potatoes have already boiled for 10 min.
stew is boiling, add kidney beans
stew is boiling, add kidney beans
add parsley, your delicious vegetable stew is ready to eat
add parsley, your delicious vegetable stew is ready to eat

Finally, remove from heat, add the parsley, stir and let sit for 20 min. before eating. You will find the flavor of the meal more appealing by letting it sit as opposed to serving immediately because the flavors will have a chance to mature and come together.


If you prefer a thicker stew:

In a separate pan, stir fry one-half finely chopped yellow onion, and after 6-8 minutes add 1-2 tablespoons of flower and half of teaspoon of paprika while stirring slowly. Slowly add to the stir fried onions some of the stew (up to 4 ladles) while gently stirring. Bring this mixture to a boil and then add this back to the big pot.


Another healthy homemade dinner is my chicken and rice casserole.

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Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Wowwwwwww, not only a great hub recipe but fantastic pictures here too! A great job here! I am very impressed! Cheers! Rating this up!

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jill of alltrades 5 years ago from Philippines

This looks and sounds so yummy! I think I will try this.

Thanks for sharing!

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katrinasui 5 years ago

It looks Yummy:) Thanks for the wonderful recipe. Pictures are really good. I think i should try this recipe soon.

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