How to cook Ofada Rice

Ofada Rice: A Special Delicacy

Ofada Rice served with dodo (Fried palntain) and boiled egg.
Ofada Rice served with dodo (Fried palntain) and boiled egg. | Source
Enjoy your meal!
Enjoy your meal! | Source

Food and the people

Nigeria is a country that is as diversified as its people, with over 250 different languages and cultures.. The country is the largest black nation in the world. The people are known to be very hospitable and kind to visitors. They expect you to eat when you visit, and it is part of their culture to prepare special meals for visitors. These meals are as diversified as the people.

The Yoruba tribe of the South West is one of the major tribes in Nigeria,  and they are known for organising flamboyant and elaborate parties, mostly outdoor. These are held to celebrate special occasions: such as- birthdays, weddings, funeral and naming ceremonies among others. These occasions are known for their lavishness, where guests are treated to special dishes and drinks to with it.

On such occasions, Ofada rice has become popular, not just for its unique taste but for its uniqueness in displaying the richness and traditon of the Yoruba people through their food.

Ordinarily rice is a staple food in Nigeria, but 'Ofada rice is rice with a difference'. Taste this special delicacy and see the difference.


5 cups of ofada rice, vegetable oil, locust beans, orisirisi (ponmo, saki, edo, abodi), dry sawa fish, unripe tomatoes, pepper, onions, palm oil, seasoning cubes, salt, wrapping leaves.


Ofada Rice

Wash rice very well to separate the stone from it. Cook with small portion of  vegetable oil, add salt to taste. Leave to cook for thirty minutes. Wrap in wrapping leaves or served in plates.


Boil your 'orisirisi' and meat (beef) together and seasoned with seasoning cubes. Fry your meat. Then fry the palm oil, add blended pepper, tomatoes and stir. Leave to cook for about ten minutes. Add locust beans, orisirisi, dry sawa and salt. Leave to cook for ten minutes. Serve hot.

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haruna 4 years ago

what is the standards for rice and stew

Divine 4 years ago

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i introdued frm u as i wan 2 learn how 2 cook everything of my experience so plz thanks

Daisycutie 13 months ago

The article helped me in my assignment and i've learnt another 9ja food to cook.yummy

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