Easy Method for Sprouting Mung Beans

After Soaking Overnight

These beans have been soaking in water for 8 hours.
These beans have been soaking in water for 8 hours.

Why Sprout Beans?

Why sprout mung beans? There are several reasons.

1) Spouts are far more nutritious than fully grown food because, while they are in the growing stage, they are loaded with usable nutrients.

2) Mung beans are loaded with minerals and some B vitamins, Vitamin C, protein, antioxidants, and live enzymes.

3) Using my method, mung beans are easy to sprout.

12 More Hours

These beans have been sprouting for 12 hours (after soaking 8 hours).
These beans have been sprouting for 12 hours (after soaking 8 hours).

Sprouting Mung Beans

You begin by putting some mung beans in about two inches of cold water in a two-quart, covered casserole dish, as shown. Put the bowl in a dark place for 8 hours to soak. (I generally do this before I go to bed.)

After 8 hours, drain the water using a strainer and rinse the beans and bowl. Be careful to rinse the beans very gently. They don't like to be disturbed, but they need to be so they'll stay fresh. Put a paper towel (notthe super absorbent type) into the bottom of the bowl. Place the wet beans on top. Do the whole process fairly quickly so the bowl and beans remain wet. Cover, and put in a dark place for about 12 hours. Repeat every 12 hours until sprouted.

36 hours

Sprouted mung beans after 36 hours.
Sprouted mung beans after 36 hours.

Sprout 3-5 Days

It takes three days for the sprouts to be long enough for you to eat them. I like to eat mine in salads. Don't worry about eating the skins, they're harmless.

Do not expose mung beans to the sun, unlike other types of sprouts; these will decay rather than green. Place fully sprouted beans in the refrigerator on a low rack in a covered container. If they dry out, you can rinse and return to refrigerator. They should keep for about five days. This is my easy version of how to sprout mung beans.  Bon Appetit!


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Sophia Angelique 6 years ago

I voted it up!!

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Hanson Anderson 6 years ago from Houston

This is really well done. I am new to Hub Pages. Did you write this? If so, Wow!

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Yes, I wrote it. Thanks for the compliment.

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Dallia 5 years ago

I have noticed your hub about sprouting after writing mine. Partly the same information, but there is never too much of good information!

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