How to Steam Wild Rice

There are different ways to prepare rice depending on type of rice and method used.  You can cook wild rice in a steamer or rice cooker much like cooking white or brown rice in a steamer.  Many people prefer rice cooked in a steamer over stove top rice.  According to Sage V Foods, steaming will cook the rice more evenly can heal cracks in the rice kernels.  With a simple recipe, you can cook your wild rice in a steamer.  There are different types of steamers and rice cookers and you should follow the directions listed on your steamer.

Rinse your wild rice.  Although there is some debate on this topic, Sage V Foods did exhaustive studies on rinsing rice prior to cooking and found that it made a difference.  The rice will be cleaner, less sticky, and have a sharper flavor.

Spray the steamer with non-stick cooking spray if needed.  Some steamers have a separate rice bowl and will not need this step. 

Measure 3  1/2 cups chicken stock or water and pour into the steamer.

Add 1 cup wild rice along with salt to taste.

Cover and cook 40-50 minutes.  Some steamers will automatically shut off when the water has been absorbed.

Wait 10 minutes before serving to allow the wild rice to fully absorb the moisture.


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