How to make Kerala Pazham Pori recipe - A South Indian delight

A South Indian Delight


Pazham pori is a traditional recipe of Kerala State, South India. If you ever get a chance to travel to Kerala  you are sure to see this mouth watering snack, in many of the stations. Vendors will be bringing these hot and delicious items into the trains for sale, and they know many people, especially people who are away from Kerala wait for their favorite Pazham pori, during their train journeys.  It is a standard item in many Kerala restaurants. My family loves this delicious pazham pori and I hope you too will enjoy this delicious and mouthwatering snack which is made out of the long and tasty Kerala Bananas.  Locally, these bananas are  called "Nenthrapazham", and can be seen plenty in almost all parts of Kerala.

Pazham pori (Banana Fritters)

Pazham pori Kerala style
Pazham pori Kerala style | Source

Items Needed for making Pazham Pori Recipe

Let us learn how to make this tasty pazham pori. We need the following items -

1. Ripe Kerala Bananas - 2 Nos

2. Maida - 1 cup

3. Rice flour - 1 tb.sp.

4. Sugar - 1 tsp.

5. Baking soda - a small pinch

6. Salt - a small pinch

7. Water - 1/4 cup

8. Cooking oil - 1 cup

Method of Preparation

  • Peel and cut the bananas into two sections, and then cut into thin slices lengthwise.
  • Mix the remaining ingredients together and add water. Make it into a smooth batter, but not too watery. Care should be taken not to form lumps.
  • Heat oil in a frying pan.
  • Take each banana slice and dip it in the batter, then carefully slide it into the heated oil.
  • You can place 2-4 slices in the pan, one after another, without them touching each other. Care should be taken not to spill the oil into your hand.
  • Cook them in medium fire until they turn golden brown.
  • Turn the slices to cook well on the other side. After a deep fry, remove them from the oil and strain them on paper plates.

These Pazham poris are a very delicious, and filling. In some areas of Kerala, it is also called as Ethakka Appam.

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How to make Pazham pori recipe

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lex123 profile image

lex123 3 years ago Author

I'm glad to know that you love this delicious snack and it came out well when you made it. It is a common scene in many of the trains coming to Kerala and you will be tempted to buy and taste them.

indian cooking profile image

indian cooking 3 years ago from Mumbai

Love this! I have eaten it when I had to travel on a Kerala train. I made it at home too after that and it turned to be wonderful.

mallika 4 years ago

Thank you for giving us the method of preparation of this recipe.

seraphim 4 years ago

awesome recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lex123 profile image

lex123 5 years ago Author

Thanks Ruchira. I hope you will enjoy this wonderful snack. Every time I go to Kerala I will make it a point to buy this and eat. It is my favorite one. I make at home too.

Ruchira profile image

Ruchira 5 years ago from United States

I have bookmarked this hub and gotta get the ingredients.voted up as useful :)

lex123 profile image

lex123 8 years ago Author

Thanks. You may find this tasty dish only in Kerala. Hope you will be able to enjoy it soon.

solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

One day soon, I want to taste that delicious Pazham Pori.

lex123 profile image

lex123 8 years ago Author

Trsmd, I'm glad you liked it.

Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

thanks for posting this mouth watering dish..

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