How to make Rasgulla: Indian Dessert Recipe

Rasgulla is a popular sweet dish comprised of cheese (paneer) balls flavoured in a sugar syrup with cardamom seeds. These delicious jamuns are perfect for any type of gatherings. It is best to refrigerate and serve chilled.



For Rasgulla balls

  • Milk- 4 cups
  • Lemon juice disssolved in water- 2 tablespoon lemon juice dissolved in 1 tablespoon of water
  • All purpose flour (maida)- 1 tablespoon

For the sugar syrup

  • Sugar- 1 1/2 cup
  • Water- 4 cups
  • Cardamom powder- 1/4 teaspoon



1. Heat milk in a pan and bring it to boil for about 8-10 minutes.

2. When it starts boiling, add lemon juice and wait for the milk to curdle completely.

3. Remove from the heat and let it cool for about 3-5 minutes.

4. Pour over a thin muslin/cotton cloth and tie it with a tight knot. On straining this milk, the curd is obtained is called "paneer". wash paneer well using muslin cloth under cold running water to remove lemon juice flavor.

5. Knead paneer for about 5-7 minutes to make a smooth dough. Add flour and knead again for few minutes.

6. Make smalls of about 1 inch in size (8-10) of the dough and keep aside.

7. Next make sugar syrup. Mix sugar, water, and cardamom powder in a saucepan and bring it to boil.

8. Add paneer balls to the hot syrup on a medium heat and cook for about 15-20 minutes with lid partially covered.

9. Transfer into a serving dish.

10. Refrigerate and serve chilled.


* Rasgullas should always be cooked on a high flame.

* The softness of the rasgulla depends on how well you knead the paneer. The more you knead, the more spongy will be the rasgullas

* While cooking, it should double their size.

* The cooking time of the rasgullas will vary depending on their size.

Video that shows how to make Rasgulla

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shereen 7 years ago

very nice recipe

zeba 7 years ago

the recipe you gave us was fantastic. i mean , you've shown us in a very detailed manner...which was really wonderfull...thanks for catering to the needs of first timers like me...thanks a lot...

ferdousi 7 years ago

really its wonderful.i loved it a lot. let me try once,and see what happens thanks a lot

Haseeb Sajed 7 years ago

I was just looking for recipe like this, thank you very very much

divya 7 years ago

it is really hard to make when you are making it first time ANYWAY ITS GOOD

renu 6 years ago

hi aunty

u hav mentioned abt maida in ur reciepe but in video it is not is it optional.....please clerify....

muneera 6 years ago

dear mam,

can u send me the receipe of jalebi to my email .as my email "superstar_coolstar2010"

Purnabas Nayak 6 years ago

Thank you Aunty for your effort to help us how to make Rasogolla ..i will try it for my organization and let it to be answer how it is...finally.

HEENA 6 years ago


sonia 6 years ago

thnx for the great recipe...rasugulla r one of my favorte desert dish

yaashna 6 years ago

hmm miam miam... so delicious

shahin 6 years ago

wow i'll really try it

Prachi 6 years ago

Its very awesome Great :)

paz 6 years ago

Thank you so much, my husband really enjoyed it.

He couldn't believe I made all by my self.

Well had a help from you.

sneha 6 years ago

very nice of you

sushmita 6 years ago

i tried but u know what all the rasgullas disintegrated when i put them in syrup for boiling

. plz let me know the consistency of syrup when to put rasgullas in them

Anant Verma 6 years ago

I tried making rasgullahs But it was very hard. Can you suggest me the remedy please.. Thanks

jake 5 years ago

i tried this recipie but it did not work!

Madhushri 5 years ago

Its really nice !! thank you so much !!

My baby really enjoy It !

Shitu 5 years ago

I m lovin it..

babbu 5 years ago

thank u very much you show how to make rasgulla

Kirti 5 years ago

I liked rasgulla recipe very much.

padmini  5 years ago

Let me try this and i ll tell u t commands.. I'm very interest to prepare tis.. ya i like sweets to prepare.. I ll prepare and give it to my lover :):) ha ha ha..:):):)

richa 5 years ago

These rasgullas turn out to be v hard and non spongy. Kindly tell the tip of making soft and spongy rasgullas.

Preet 5 years ago

Mam plz send me samosa rasipe my email id (

reshma 5 years ago

thanx a lot 4 making

Tajdhillon 5 years ago

It was great, i made it

VANISHA 5 years ago


Javeria 5 years ago

it was nice recipe...................

keep it up...........................

give some more recipies .............

triveni 5 years ago

I never thought it's so easy.thanks for making this video.

flame lilly 5 years ago

Thanks for the recipe i like trying indian food and spices

mob 4 years ago

you have explaines it very well !! great job

Namrata 4 years ago

Thanku aunty.....m trying it nw...

manju 4 years ago

mane 4 bartry kiya spongy rasagulla nahibana thanku di

Pradnya 4 years ago

Thank you soooooooooooooo much

sumit 4 years ago

Thanks a lot

Asmita 4 years ago

Thanks for it rasgulla recipes . My daughter likes it so much.Plz send me sondesh recipee by email

anju shukla 4 years ago

why my rasgulla has been hard

jannat 3 years ago

lovely and delicious rasgulla i have got every on liked it . once again thank u and love ur recipe .

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