Making a Beurre Blanc at home is not that difficult

Beurre Blanc is a sauce that adds great flavor to seafood and is used often at restaurants. It is one of the sauces that separates restaurant food from food you prepare at home. Like most French sauces it isn’t that incredibly difficult to make but it does require the proper techniques and the right ingredients. Beurre blanc translates to mean “white butter” and it is one application for butter in which nothing else will substitute. Once you have gotten this technique down you will be able to use butter to thicken a number of other sauces as well.

What you will need to make your own beurre blanc (for about two servings) is one shallot (or small white onion) finely diced, a quarter cup of white wine, a tablespoon of heavy cream (optional but it will make it easier to get your beurre blanc to come together) and a stick of butter sliced and kept cold.

In a small sautee pan cook your shallot in white wine (and the heavy cream) over a medium high flame until all the liquid has evaporated. Cut the heat and use a whisk to quickly mix in one slice of butter at a time. You don’t want the butter to melt completely but rather you want it to form a thick creamy sauce. The first couple of slices will be the most difficult but once you start to have a sauce the others will whisk in more easily. The trick is to move each lice of butter quickly enough in the pan that it isn’t given a chance to completely melt.

When you have whisked in the entire stick of butter you should have a creamy sauce. Pour the beurre blanc through a sieve to remove the shallot. Use a mixing spoon or your whisk to get all the sauce.

Serve the beurre blanc over any type of seafood.

Beurre blanc isn’t as difficult to make as it sounds but it does take some technique. Heavy cream will help to make it easier to stir in the butter without breaking it.

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