How to make breakfast sausage and sausage gravy

Sausage Gravy biscuits was my favorite breakfast growing up and was the first breakfast I learned to cook for myself. Of course back then I was using cheap store bought sausage and biscuits in a can. Now, if I’m feeling motivated, will make my own biscuits and if I’m feeling really motivated I’ll make my own sausage. In this hub I am going to explain my process for making and sausage gravy from scratch. I’ll also briefly describe my procedure for making breakfast sausage.

Breakfast sausage is relatively inexpensive. When I buy my own breakfast sausage I am generally buying it for sausage gravy. I prefer using the rendered fat to create a roux to thicken my sausage gravy with. More expensive sausages or turkey sausages don’t have enough fat for my purposes; however a slurry of cornstarch and water can also be used to thicken the gravy successfully.

. I’ve wondered whether the English word for sausage actually comes from the two words “souse” and “sage,” as sausage is a method of preserving pork and most sausages are seasoned primarily with ground sage and salt. For my own sausage I will mix one pound with a generous amount of ground sage (probably about two tablespoons) and salt (about a tablespoon). I am more careful with my salt as I’d rather have to re-season my sausage gravy later then use too much salt to begin with. I also prefer quite a bit of black pepper in my breakfast sausage as well.

Ground pork is available at most grocery stores and works just fine for making sausage. I’ve also ground my own sausage in a food processor using a fatty piece of pork butt. I think it’s best to mix the seasoning into the sausage by hand.

When you have your sausage (either store bought or home made) begin your sausage gravy by browning your sausage. You will also need flour (around a quarter of a cup) and about a quart of milk. Some people will use heavy cream but that tends to make very greasy sausage gravy.

When your sausage is completely cooked it will have rendered all its fat. Stir in flour to your browned sausage and rendered fat until the sausage looks dry and then add the milk and stir so everything is mixed well. Basically this is just making a roux with the rendered pork fat. I think using the pork fat adds a lot of flavor to the final gravy.

Note: If you prefer less fat you can thicken your gravy with a slurry of two tablespoons of corn starch and an equal amount of water. If this is the method you choose make sure your thoroughly drain your sausage.

Heat your sausage gravy over medium low heat stirring occasionally until it thickens. The roux will add some stability so you shouldn’t have to worry about curdling. If you are using a slurry be careful not to let your gravy boil. Check the seasoning of your sausage gravy and add salt and black pepper if necessary.

Serve your sausage gravy over biscuits or chicken fried steak.

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rjsadowski profile image

rjsadowski 4 years ago

I love breakfast sausage and served with buscuits and gravy it is even better. Thanks for reminding us.

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