How to make cake Roses

Cake Roses

How to make Cake Roses

Cake roses always brighten up any cake. No matter how they are made, and no matter what size or color, they always add a little beauty to any cake. If you want to know how to make them, below are some east steps to get you started with these roses.

These are what you need to make the roses:

Gum paste (Any color you desire will do)
Corn starch
Styrofoam (for drying)
7 tablespoons
Dogbone tool
Tylo glue
Small brushes

Rose petal cutters in different sizes
Rose leaf cutters in different sizes
Calyx cutters in various sizes
A small plastic bag
White vegetable fat
Edible petal dust

Let’s start with the small rose and rose buds. First, you will have to make a cone for ever sugar rose you plan to make. To make things easier, make the cones a day ahead. The cones should be smaller than your petal cutter. Stick a single toothpick in the bottom of each cone and place on the Styrofoam to dry.

Then, roll out the gum paste and cut out three petals. Use the dogbone on the foam pad and thin the edges of the petals to make them somewhat frilly. Place two of the rose petals in any plastic bag to keep from drying. Get a brush and start brushing the cones with tylo glue and tightly wrap one petal around it. Make sure the pointed end of you rose is completely covered. Brush the rose with tylo glue again and take out the two rose petals from the bag. Wrap them around your cone and let them slightly overlap one another. Arrange your rose petals and leave them to dry for about 30 minutes. Then, add more rose petals.

Next, cut out thre rose petals. Brush the petals with tylo glue and arrange the next three petals. Make sure they overlap each other and let them dry off.

To make a larger rose, first, roll out your gum paste and cut out five petals with the bigger sized cutter. Use the dogbone tool just like in the first set of petals. Get your five tablespoons and sprinkle them with cornstarch to prevent from sticking. Place the petals on the top edge of the tablespoons. Let them dry for about twenty minutes and then brush the lower half of the rose petals with the tylo glue. Arrange the petals going around the rose and let them overlap. Set the rose aside to dry off. For even bigger roses, cut seven more petals and place them on the spoons. Carefully turn the rose upside down and attach the rose petals using tylo glue. Let them dry off completely.

When your finished rose is dry, roll out green gum paste and cut a calyx that fits the rose. Brush the calyx with some tylo glue and stick it to the bottom of the rose. When you make a small rose bud, place a small ball of green gum paste on the buds after the calyx. Remove the toothpicks you use when sticking the finished product on the cake.

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