How to make the best buchi by Harlan's Original Recipe

Harlan's Buchi

Cooking Instructions


2 lbs Glutinous Rice Flour (Mochico Brand if available)

1 lb Sweet Potato

1/2 lb Brown Sugar

1 Cup of Water

12 oz Sesame Seed

Sweet Mung-Bean Paste or Purple Yam Jam

16 fl oz Canola Oil or any cooking oil

Cooking Procedure:

1. Boil the Sweet Potatoes in a casserole then mash it afterwards.

2. Make dough - In a mixing bowl, mix well the sweet rice flour, mashed sweet potato and water

3. After mixing it well, slice the dough into small pieces, creating a uniform table tennis ball size dough. With the quantity of the dough that you will mix, probably you can make an estimate of 50 pcs of buchi or more.

4. Press the center of the spherical dough or until the shape becomes concave (to make a space for the fillings)

5. Fill it with the filling of your choice whether the mung-bean paste or the yam jam, don’t put too much so you can still seal the dough. Roll it once more until you brought it back to its spherical form.

6. Place the Sesame seed in a bowl, roll the dough with fillings carefully until the seeds stick all over it.

7. Heat the pan and pour-in the cooking oil, make sure the oil is very hot before you deep fry the dough.

8. You will know that the buchi is cooked when it floats in the oil and wait until the sesame seeds turn golden brown.

9. Put the cooked buchi in the strainer to drain excess oil.

10. Enjoy Harlan's Original Buchi.

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lem 6 years ago

looks delicioso!!!!hehehe

Harlan profile image

Harlan 6 years ago Author

thanks, I will let you taste it one time ;-)

Jacob 5 years ago

What's the use of brown sugar?

Harlan profile image

Harlan 5 years ago Author

Sorry I forgot to mention, you use brown sugar in making the dough, it is usually 1/4 of the amount of the total dough to add sweetness on it. And also I am using brown sugar in making my home-made mung bean paste. Hope it helps! ;-)

pomex 4 years ago

i tried the recipe and it's really yummy

Harlan profile image

Harlan 4 years ago Author

Thanks pomex! I am happy you did! Actually i really think a lot about this if will I share it or not. God bless you!

ateau 4 years ago

thanks i found this recipe, the only problem is I live in Austria & mung bean paste isn`t available here, a recipe probably helps...

Harlan profile image

Harlan 4 years ago Author

Oh that's so simple, this is how I do mung bean paste. Buy a peeled mung beans (usually you can buy 1lb of it), then boiled with water for 45 minutes until it becomes like a paste (add water as needed), last is put dark brown sugar usually at least 2 cups for that quantity. Stir it well. Then wait until it dried up, set it cool for at least 30min then you have your fillings! :)) I hope that helps you then send me some :D

Maridoll 4 years ago

I used rice flour and follow the instructions well but, when I fry it the glutinous rice did not cook well from the inside. What happened? What will I do? Why is it like that. I tried several balls but still the same.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you and more power. God bless!

Harlan profile image

Harlan 4 years ago Author

probably you fried it with too much heat. that's why. The higher the heat level the quicker the outside of the balls will be cooked, not allowing the inner dough be cooked evenly. You will find it out the next time, hope that helps.

elle 4 years ago

Hi! I tried this recipe and it's pretty good but every time after I get the buchi balls out of the oil, they suddenly pop up and expand and "break" the outer layer (or the sesame layer) of the ball. Why does this happen? thanks!

sleck 4 years ago

hi, i tried the recipe and everything went perfectly, except that when i fried the balls, all the sesame seeds popped out of the buchi, and this has been my problem everytime i cook the same..

Harlan profile image

Harlan 4 years ago Author

@elle- about your buchi breaking, it depends on how good you made the dough, if its too dry out product might really breaks.

@sleck - after you put the fillings inside if you can roll it to the sesame seeds as soon as you can the better because the outer coating dries up easily. Again it has something to do with how dry your dough is. Hope that helps! :)

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