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The Art Of Making Sushi...

How To Make Sushi Video

So, you want to learn how to make "Sushi"? Great! Let's just talk about Sushi for just a minute before we start cooking.

I really like to know about the recipes that I am learning to cook and where they originate from. Obviously, you know that Sushi is an art form in cooking and comes from beautiful country of Japan.

The Japanese are known for the poetic way in which they present their food, before they actually sit down to eating. I think that is one of the reasons we love Sushi. It is so artful and trendy... although it has been around for millennia!

Japan Is The Home Of Sushi And The Japanese Have Made It An Art Form In Cooking.

sushi |ˈsoō sh ē|


a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg.

ORIGIN Japanese.

Learn How To Make Sushi The Easy Way - With How To Cooking Videos, Why Not?

Did you know - that your brain is trying to decide for you, before you ever take your first bite of food - if "you" are going to like what is placed before you? This is a fact. There have been many studies to prove that before you put food into your mouth - the "eyes" and also the "smell" of the entrée before you take over the palate!

Anyway... I thought you might find that interesting. When we think about food that originates from Japan, we think of Sushi first...

Why? Because we all just LOVE SUSHI.. and we want it right now!

Here are some great how to videos for making Sushi at home, for entertaining, for fun - because you are having a major Sushi attack or because you really want to learn how to make Sushi yourself.

How To Make Spicy Tuna Roll Sushi - Great Recipes!

The Japanese Art Of How To Make Sushi Beautiful To The Eye!

Using How To Videos Online To Learn How To Make A Recipe.

I really like the idea of videos for helping us to make sushi or any other recipe that we want to make. I would offer a few tips on making the best use - of how to cooking videos - and for showing you how to make a particular video recipe - most functional.

No matter how we chop it - preparation for making any recipe is absolutely necessary - for a positive experience in your kitchen!

  • Don't forget - YOU are in control, your kitchen - so use the pause and play button a lot!
  • Make sure you have all necessary ingredients when you are ready to actually cook along - by quickly reviewing the how to video before you start - and making note - before you get really serious.

  • Note in your pre-view, also the cooking utensils and necessary items you can have ready for the actual "cooking lesson", i.e. bowls, dishes, boards, knives... and all the ingredients and preparation to ensure success with your sushi recipe lesson.

How To Tips For Making Sushi Step By Step Video! Make sure to pause, rewind, pause...

How To Make an Inside Out California Roll

Successful Sushi Recipes Are A Video Away..

If anyone happens to be in the Cincinnati area... go check out the Sushi that they are creating at a place called Kyoto Sushi Bar Restaurant...

It really looks to die for doesn't it? And Please, come back here and let me know if they are really as good as they look....

Really, if you just want to get pumped about making your own Sushi at home... you will really love watching their video below, on the Art Form of Sushi making. Beautiful Japanese music as well.

A Master In The Art Form Of How To Make Sushi - Perfection!

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Sushi anyone.... leave comments here - 41 comments

Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

Well written hub and very informative. While I can not seem to force myself to think of the possibility of eating raw fish, I thought the hub was excellent!


Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Hi Bonnie -

Well, I for one actually enjoy Sushi that has a bit of cooking involved myself:-) LOL Meaning with heat!

But... Sushi is just such an amazing art form and totally fools the palate and that is why I think so many people love it so much...

No fear factor:-)

If it looks good then it has to be good!

Write On!

Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

Oh, I certainly agree with the art form of this. I love to watch a true Japanese cook! However, I don't insist on the front row seats, if you know what I mean! LOL.


Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Gotcha! Maybe that is why I like that video on the art form of Sushi Making the best:-)

But, hey... I would prefer someone else do my cooking for me anytime of the day or week. I have three daughters and all of them absolute LOVE sushi, so this one is for them:-)

But I am feeling a little bit inspired to perhaps make some Sushi - by video help and maybe surprise them all!

Sushi recipes by themselves are too confusing... I really think most of us who want to try this at home are going to benefit by these how to make kinds of videos, at least when it comes to Sushi!

Write On!

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Funny, this HUB has been flagged as not being original... what do you think? Yes, I realize that Sushi is widely popular... and that is precisely why I have put mine together with the use of how to "video" to ensure better success for those cooks who want to make sushi at home.

Why, pray tell... are Hubs flagged by others, (which means not at time of being published, as this is when the system itself will nail a new hub) if their only problems is that the "topic" of say... sushi, is already written on perhaps or maybe they are the ones writing on the topic and don't like it that someone else has?

This question about sushi is an important one to understand?

Write On!

And, three days to come out of prison - when you are falsely accused of such??? I need a lawyer!

Bonnie - again, thank you for such nice comments are the content of my Hub:-)

Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

Hmmm makes one wonder, doesn't it? How do you know if your hub has been flagged? Nothing shows on the hubtivity about this being flagged...or does just the author get a notice or something?

Hard to believe that people would flag something this great! But once HP has a look, I am sure it will be released.


Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

LOL! Well... obviously you know how to keep from getting flagged on your original Hubs... Me on the other hand - am an expert on triggering that darned FLAG! LOL

But, since you asked - You get this nice big RED BANNER across the very TOP of your Hub that says this in BOLD...

DUPLICATE: Our system has detected a high number of duplicates of this Hub’s content on the Web.

THERE... isn't that a lovely presentation for HP to serve a Hubber? LOL

What I am consistently seeing (on a weekly basis - expert am I) BUT... our little flagging system cannot tell the difference between a popular topic and original content:-)

What I mean... is that although we can choose to Write On a popular topic - we risk getting flagged simply for that.... and must await the powers that be - to manually go in and declare what they call "an exception being granted"...

Whatever! They make you feel that- as if - you broke a "rule" they are now going to grace you with "granting" exception - when in reality their system blew it and you need NO exception on your "original content"...


I am hoping that they will ask us to pardon them... in the near future:-)

But for now... we simply must wait to be proven innocent - so that our scores can resume normal increase - not affecting our overall score. Which this expert firmly knows is the case with a Hub being flagged.

Thank you Bonnie, for commenting. As "we" all know - we need each other around here:-)

Write On!

Bonnie Ramsey profile image

Bonnie Ramsey 8 years ago from United States

I am so sorry this ia happening to you! I am thankful that at least it is not put there for all to see when they visit! That WOULD be awsul for the score! Hopefully, the powers that be will create a more accurate way to detect this type of thing so that the innocent don't suffer! Just keep on writing them!


Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Thanks Bonnie! We shall be up and running in no time:-) I know HP is continually working to better the system here... and I trust that they will.

I will take your advice and Write ON!

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

wow... this hub has plummeted to a 42 today, because it has been flagged. Yikes! Come on HP.... please check this out?

Write On!

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Penalty lifted apparently... hooray! that 38 was really starting to scare me:-)

Thanks HP:-)

Write On!

ChrisSnil profile image

ChrisSnil 8 years ago from United Kingdom

A very well written hub, been looking for sushi recipes for a while, and drooling a little at all the pics you've got up here :D

shira profile image

shira 8 years ago from U.S.A

This is great info, well written! I love this hub.



solarshingles profile image

solarshingles 8 years ago from london

Beautiful and extremely rich hub, more than a perfect place for any sushi lover!

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Hello All!

Thank you for your comments. I am so glad this is helpful to those who love Sushi! I really had fun putting this hub together.

Now with YouTube, we are much better able to learn how to do those things, which before there was no hope from just reading about it.

Learning how to make Sushi is definitely one of those things! As well, appreciating the fine art of Sushi is wonderful!

Write On!

Ben_B profile image

Ben_B 8 years ago from London

I've never really had a go at making Sushi but would love to give it a go. This has inspired me. Thanks

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Hi Ben -

I am so glad to hear that you are inspired to try and make Sushi now. These how to videos for making Sushi are really well done. I feel confident that if you follow the recipe in the video of how to make Sushi, you wil have success. Please let me know how it goes, if you decide to make any of these Sushi recipes using these YouTube instructional videos.

Write On!

Princessa profile image

Princessa 8 years ago from France

Great hub, I am bookmarking it and coming back as soon as I get all the ingredients ready! I am a sushi fun, but unfortunately there are no Japanese restaurants where I am at the moment but I have seen the ingredients available in the big supermarkets so I will be trying these recipes as soon as I can.

Thank you for this hub... my mouth is watering :)

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

Princessa -

I really hope that you will come back and let me know how you did with these how-to-make Sushi videos. Thanks for stopping by.

Write On!

pcjunkychick profile image

pcjunkychick 8 years ago from OKC

I LOVE SUSHI! I tried to make it once~ not so good!

Wish I would have your hub my first try at it! LOL

I will try it again very good info. & love the video too!

Very helpful! :)

TLC Grandparent profile image

TLC Grandparent 8 years ago from Maryland, USA

Another great article! Thanks. My wife and I really enjoy Sushi, and we've always wanted to try making it ourselves. Now we can!

Write On! profile image

Write On! 8 years ago from United States Author

TLC Grandparent -

I'm very glad that these how-to videos for making Sushi have inspired you to try and make Sushi yourself.

Write On!

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 8 years ago from North America

These videos look really useful.

Some of our supermarkets have fake sushi chefs in karate uniforms - really baaaaaaad, as in low qualilty food.

I might try something with vegetables like the Claifornia roll type. Looks doable,

tranndee profile image

tranndee 8 years ago

I LOVE sushi! Great videos--I'm studying them!

sushi stu 7 years ago

There's some great sushi info on here and some great photos too. Thanks for sharing this. sushi stu

ps we have some more sushi recipes and how to vids on our sushi blog:

sheryld30 profile image

sheryld30 7 years ago from California

Oooooh!~ Love this site!! :)

StevenCavendish profile image

StevenCavendish 7 years ago

Terrific hub. Keep up the great work.

Stainless_Max 6 years ago

ah great hub and we got the same topic :)

alfaizi profile image

alfaizi 6 years ago from somewhere in southeast asia

very interesting...thanks

cadiesel profile image

cadiesel 6 years ago

I love sushi. I have a lot of asian friends that make really good sushi and now i know how to start practicing.

VivekSri 6 years ago

looks awesome! that's a great piece of sharing. thanks for this hub.

snakebaby profile image

snakebaby 6 years ago from Boston, MA, USA

This is a lot to learn and absorb. I have tried to make sushi at home few times long ago, they just didn't taste the same and I got sick of it. Maybe I could try out again after this!

Write On! profile image

Write On! 6 years ago from United States Author

Well I hope this hub is helpful to you. Good luck and let us know how you did this time:)

Nikhil 6 years ago

I love Sushi!! My Mom cooks it very well, but my sister spoil it very well :)

Japemwellows profile image

Japemwellows 6 years ago from 5ifth Dimensi0n

wow this is awesome hub, bookmarked!

Larmer 6 years ago

This hub has gotten "delicious"-ed :D

thanks for the nice write down

Zonk 6 years ago

I should have read this article before trying this out - wrong way that ended in a desaster for me and my girlfriend!

MarieOaks profile image

MarieOaks 6 years ago from Mexico

Thanks for the collection of videos - I've been trying to get better at inside-out maki. Hopefully this will help!

Moshe HaKazav 5 years ago

I wish Sushi was kosher, I really want to taste one!

Joe 5 years ago

i love sush, that sounds very good! thank you for that.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

i never manage to learn how to make the rice, always fail at the cooked rice section

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