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learning a new skill is exciting and challeging. Ever thought that you could not bake? Well I am here to help you overcome that hurdle with the simplest recipe in the whole world. You are going to learn how to cook a quiche pocket


3 pieces Puff pastry

Two eggs

Two pieces of bacon

A small onion

125 g of cheddar cheese


Take the puff pastry out and allow it to thaw

while you are waiting grate the cheese, chop the onion finely and chop the bacon

when chopped add them all together with any seasoning you like and some pepper. (you dont need salt as the bacon adds enough of that)

Then add one egg and mix it through

cut your pastry into squares and place 2 teaspoons of mixture into middle. Fold the square so that it covers the filling.crimp the open edges with your fingers so that the filling is sealed.

Brush with beaten egg and cook for 10 mins

eat whilst it is still warm... Yum

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Frieda Babbley profile image

Frieda Babbley 7 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

I love how your recipes are so simple but so delicious. Fabulous idea to learn a new recipe. I'm always up for that.

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