Hybrid Citrus, The Sumo Orange

Sumo oranges
Sumo oranges | Source
Sumo topknot
Sumo topknot | Source
Sumo peeled
Sumo peeled | Source


According to the dictionary a hybrid, the noun, is a cross between two, the offspring of 2 animals or plants or plants of different breeds, varieties, species, or genera especially as produced through human manipulation for specific genetic characteristics.

The Sumo Orange is such a hybrid produced through 30 years of human manipulation crossing 2 citrus fruits to make it.

This orange is a cross between the mandarin and the California navel orange, first experimentation was done in Japan.

Sumo Orange characteristics

  1. It is one of the largest mandarin species.
  2. It has a bumpy, thick rind.
  3. It is easy to peel.
  4. It is distinctive because it has a top knot.
  5. It is orange in color
  6. it is large - taking it's size from the navel
  7. It's sweet
  8. It is seedless
  9. It looks like a gourd.
  10. It was first grown in California, in 2011.
  11. It was first a nation wide produce in 2012.
  12. It is available through March.

Japanese influence

  1. It was developed in Japan.
  2. It is highly prized in Japan.
  3. It is called Dekopon.
  4. In Japan according to some reports, one orange can cost as much as $8.00.

Purchasing a Sumo

  • Whole foods
  • Harry's market

From what i could tell the Sumo is one of those species of oranges that can be found locally in stores selling produce that would refer to themselves as vendors that sell 'exotic' or not commonly found produce like the big regular chains like Publix, Walmart or Kroger.

I found mine at Harry's market at $2.49 a pound and fell in love at the tasting or sampler that they offered.

The Sumo is worth the try and worth the experience, it also proves to be kid friendly when peeling and eating. Also from what i hear it is a good combination of Vitamin C since it is a great orange hybrid.

I found it was the best of everything an orange can offer.

  • Sweet
  • Easy peel
  • No seeds
  • Juicy
  • Great Vitamin C source

So if you like mandarins and California navels, try the Sumo orange and experience both at the same time.

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vpreetidubey 3 years ago

Hi , Nice Info

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Celiegirl 3 years ago Author

Hi vpreetidubey, thanks, hope you try them.

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