Easy No Kneed Bread Recipe!

This is a yeasted bread recipe from the book "Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. In my oppinion this is the easiest fast bread that you can make. I believe that the idea of no knead bread came to many peoples attention in the 2006 when the New York Times produced an article on it. Since then the idea had taken off like wild fire. Allowing people who are time poor to produce bread that is of artisan quality with little effort.


6 Cups of flour ( I use a cup from a rice cooker that only holds 160 ml)

1.5 soup-spoons full of yeast (not heaped)

1 soupspoon full of salt ( not heaped)

3 Cups of water


Mix in a plastic container until all the four is moist and dough sticks together. It will be a "wet dough" but don't let that disturb you

Place the mixed dough in the container on the bench for 2 hours with the lid on

Then put in Fridge as you can store in there for up to 2 weeks. you can use the dough straight away but it will be rather sticky.

When you want to bake:

place some baking paper on a cutting board. Sprinkle liberally with flour

then place flour on the portion of dough that you want to use and flour your hands well

Remove the dough and hold in your hands. mould the dough in your hands carefully so the top is smooth.

Place on baking paper for 1 hr

After one hr preheat a pizza stone and a pyrex casserole dish to about 240 degrees celsius for 20 Min's

After that time is up, slip the baking paper onto the pizza stone and place the hot casserole dish on top

After 10 minutes remove the paper ( I just pull it out) but leave the lid on.

After another 10 minutes remove the casserole dish for 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes remove bread and place on cooling rack for at least half an hour

Then eat slathered in butter... yum.

The original no knead!

A small loaf with my favourite butter
A small loaf with my favourite butter

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mandybeau 7 years ago


Exactly what I wanted, I knew a whole lot of people back in the 80's that had this and I could remember exactly how it went.

Just got to make the cob oven now.

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