Indian Dessert Recipe: How to make Gulab Jamun

How to make Gulab Jamun


Gulab Jamun is a popular Indian dessert made from deep fried dough soaked in a sugar syrup and flavoured with cardamom seeds. This delicious Indian dessert is mainly prepared and enjoyed during Indian festivals and most importantly Diwali. Gulab Jamun is very easy to make and absolutely delicious and can be found in many Indian restaurants. Try it out using this Gulab Jamun recipe and post your experience in the comments section below.


For jamun balls

  • Carnation milk powder - 2 cup
  • All purpose flour(maida) - 1/2 cup
  • 4 tablespoons unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Whole milk just enough to make the dough

For the Sugar Syrup

  • Sugar- 3 cups
  • Water- 6 cups
  • cardamom pods(crushed)- 5
  • oil for frying

Gulab Jamun Preparation method

1. Take all purpose flour, milk powder, baking soda and butter in a big bowl. Add just enough whole milk or water to make a smooth Gulab Jamun dough. Let it stand for about 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose to buy the instant Gulab Jamun mix from the grocery stores. It is important to make this dough with good consistency - not too thick and not too watery. If it is too dense, your jamuns will end up unbreakable! :-)

2. Take a pan and make the sugar syrup with water, sugar and cardamom powder. Mix well and boil at medium temperature for about 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Transfer the sugar syrup into a serving dish.

4. Divide the dough you made in step 1 into smaller balls. Make small balls by gently rolling each portion into a round ball. Place the jamun balls on a plate.

5. Heat the oil and add the balls one by one. Cook on both sides for about 5 -6 minutes on medium heat.

6. Add the fried balls into the warm syrup. Gulab Jamun can be served warm or cold.


  • Gulab jamuns balls must be cooked on medium temperatures. This will help the balls to cook completely and even browning.

Video that shows how to make Gulab Jamun:

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Comments 17 comments

Meena 7 years ago

Hey, Ur recipe is really nice.I wanted to try it but could not find carnation milk powder in Chicago,downtown.Do u have any idea?

shamna baderi 6 years ago

just use any milk powder

niharika 6 years ago

hay i want to try ur recipe of gulab jamun bt every time when i made it they become so tight.what can i do for this

blessedmom profile image

blessedmom 6 years ago from USA Author

Hi Niharika,

Thanks for dropping by. I think when you make the dough, make it wet and not too dense. Even if you use the instant Gulab Jamun mix, make sure when you mix it with water or milk to make the dough, it should not be too dense and not too watery either.

Israt 6 years ago


i tried this, it tastes good, but disintegrates when added to syrup. does this happen due to error in making the dough?

Martii 5 years ago

Hey..I've tried with the gulab jamun mix n they burst when I put it into the oil for frying.please give me sum tips.

rehab syed 5 years ago

wow ur gulab jabun recepie work please give me ur personal recepie site that i could make my husband more happy

richa singh 5 years ago

i see the recipe of gulab jamun it is so nice i try it my home thank you for this gulab jamun recipe

noor 5 years ago

hi your recipe lukin very 9c can i use needo milk powder 4 gulab jamun plz let me no thanks.

Zainab ahlan 5 years ago

Omg i love jaamuns. Thanks 4 the recipe

Tricked with buffalo milk 5 years ago

What milk powder?Buffalo?Cow?Goat?

Sheela kerela 5 years ago

Hai, I love jaamun


suman sharma 4 years ago

I tried your recipe for gulab jamun and it turn out awesome my family loved it, all the credit goes to you for a wonderful recipe, thanks

shobhana 4 years ago

oh i will have some new indian recipes for diwali

aruna 4 years ago

hi it so tasty and i enjoyed

nirmala 4 years ago

thank u

Vacation Trip profile image

Vacation Trip 3 years ago from India

Yummy Gulab Jamun. I love it a lot and have also written a hub on it. Thank you for sharing.

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