Is There A Food Pill? Meal Replacement Technology!

Photo credit: Flickr/formatbrain
Photo credit: Flickr/formatbrain

I think everyone at one time or another has wished there was a food pill. In fact, the science fiction of the technologically-smitten 1950s was full of things like “food pills.” (Not to mention “oxygen pills”!)  You pop one pill a day, and all your food needs are taken care of.  What an elegant solution to the problem of constantly having to find, prepare, and eat food!  Sometimes, you just wanna pop a pill.

Unfortunately, there is no literal food pill.  Although it’s true that your daily vitamin and mineral needs can be fulfilled with a multivitamin.  But in addition to vitamins and minerals, your body needs carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. 

Sadly, it is not yet possible to put your daily requirement for 60 grams of protein into pill form!  (Well… technically it would be possible.  But it would be a very big pill!)

Some All-In-One Food Solutions

Meal replacement drinks like Ensure and bodybuilder’s protein shakes can certainly go a long ways towards keeping you alive without too much effort.  These beverages don’t usually taste very good, but they often contain the protein and carbohydrates that you need, in addition to vitamins and minerals. 

However, you also need a certain amount of fiber in order to function properly.  So you would want to supplement these drinks with a fiber supplement like Metamucil.

You can mix things up by swapping in some nutritious energy bars, like Clif Bars and Balance Bars.  These have protein, and the fiber and bulk that your body needs in order to continue to function properly.

You also need a certain amount of calories every day, because your body burns calories in order to perform basic functions.  Like, you know, eating and breathing.  One good source of calories in this situation is fresh fruit.  An apple, a banana, an orange – these are all easy, portable, cheap, and chock full of calories as well as other nutrition.

The Ultimate Solution

If you’re really serious, then what you want is Nutraloaf.  This was devised by the American correctional system as a punishment.  It can be eaten without utensils, which makes it ideal for prisoners who cannot be trusted with a fork.

Nutraloaf is an entire meal in loaf form.  Like a meatloaf, only more disgusting.  I mean, nutritious.  Nutraloaf has been certified as a complete and balanced meal.  You can live indefinitely on Nutraloaf.  Although after a few days of basically eating canned dog food, you may not want to.

Slate and The Onion A.V. Club have both posted taste tests of Nutraloaf, along with their recipes.  A Nutraloaf-like material is also described in M.F.K. Fisher’s seminal cookbook for hard times, How to Cook a Wolf

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Creating an alternative to eating must be accomplished,I will began further testing immediately


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