Joe's Crab Shack Copycat Recipes

Joe's Crab Shack Neon Sign
Joe's Crab Shack Neon Sign

Joe's Crab Shack Restaurant Recipes

If you love seafood and you have never been to a Joe's Crab Shack, you don't know what you're missing. Joe's Crab Shack makes great seafood dishes as well as appetizers, and the alcoholic drinks at Joe's Crab Shack are fantastic.

If there isn't a Joe's Crab Shack where you live, try some of these copycat seafood recipes to see what you've been missing. And if and when you get the chance to dine at a Joe's Crab Shack, be sure that you do. You won't be disappointed.

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WB 9 years ago

Do you have a recipe for , oh, let's say.... crabs ?

Angela Harris profile image

Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA Author

Hi WB,

I have lots of copycat recipes. I've been adding each recipe as I find it and have the time.

I looked through my seafood recipes and found the BBQ Alaskan King Crabs recipe clone for you. I posted it here. Keep posted as I will keep adding copycat recipes as I find them.

Mary 9 years ago

Hii Angela, Thanks for sharing the copy-cat recipes. You're a dear.


HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!!



luke 7 years ago


Richard S. 7 years ago

Your link for the BBQ King crab wasn't working when I tried it this afternoon.

lisa 7 years ago

i would like the recipe for your Key Lime Pie. I had at joe's and it is absolutely the best I have ever eaten!!!

Cassandra 7 years ago

Please I would love to have the Great Balls Of Fire Recipe from Joes Crab Shack . My husband an I love them and I so want to make them for my Mothers B-Day . The first time we tried them we were on a job in Oklahoma They were great. Ant way we don't have a Joes where we live so please if you can find it ,Yhank you so much.


Lauren 6 years ago

Hi I just wanna say that I used to work at joe's crab shack for 7 years. And for Cassandra, basically you need to combine the crab balls and the en brochette recipes. I can not tell you exactly how to do it but the great balls were only different from the crab balls because they had pepper jack cheese and jalapenos in them I hope that helps!!

With the bayou shrimp I couldn't tell you how to make it, they had a stock powder that was the Bayou seasoning it has all kinds of spices in it about 20 something spices. You mix that basically with butter and water and let it thicken a little then serve. with shrimp and potatoes and a corn on the cob. That was one of my favorites!!! As for the spices that are in the stock I have no clue it was premixed. Hope I could help a little.

I was hoping there was a tequila lime shrimp recipe here Yummy!!! I will check back for other recipies and such to see how you all make out.

Sonya 6 years ago

Hi i would like the recipe for the garlicy mussels at joes cab shack thank you.

Robert 6 years ago

I love Alaskan BBQ Legs from here and have looked for the receipe, i just found it. But it doesn't work could you repost it with a good link?

Tina 6 years ago

I used to drink the green meanies at Joe's. Anyone know the recipe . I called them and they no longer serve them. Spke w/ a couple of newbie bartenders there and they didn't know.

Char 5 years ago

Does anyone know the recipe for their seafood fun-do?

Wanda 5 years ago

Could you give me the amounts for a shrimp boil containing potatoes,corn,onions,sausage and shrimp for about 50 people

pat 5 years ago

looking for crab shacks diablo steam pot recipe

kim C 5 years ago

I would love to have the recipe for Seafood Paella at Joe's Crab Shack. Anyone?

Brooke Lippard 5 years ago

Could you please find out the recipe for joe's seafood fun-do recipe? I am in love with it!

savannah 4 years ago

Lookin for there spinach artichoke dip its Yummy...

Gus 4 years ago

What's in the fire seanoning for crab legs. Please help and thanks in advance.

christina 4 years ago

recipe for bucket of shrimp

Tim 4 years ago

does anyone have the paella recipe from Joe's?

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