Julia Child - The Standard for Many Chefs

Chef Isaiah

The Essence of Cooking
The Essence of Cooking | Source

The Heart of the Matter

I was asked by a friend why I decided to contribute my talents to The Essence of Cooking and become involved with another aspect of culinary outside of a restaurant setting. I hope to give others the tools and inspiration to begin cooking more often at home.

Television today is more for entertainment rather than teaching for the most part; mostly about flash, hype and to shock viewers. I miss the days when cooking shows were created by people that were more like teachers making food the focal point. So much has been lost in the translation between media hype, and what you can really do to save money by eating healthier to receive the best and most out of your ingredients, to enjoy the experience of accomplishment; even during a hectic day. I believe Julia Child did a great job of building a foundation for others to follow.

Julia made everyone feel as if they could accomplish the things that she did and she made it fun. Julia was an inspiration because of her down-to-earth demeanor, making it easier for others to find a little bit of themselves in the experience; perhaps even wishing that she was their grandmother. Julia left a legacy for others to follow and it is because of this she was loved by many.

I hope to carry on the ideals of what Julia Child started, and help others to find the connection between food, love and memories. I want others to not view food as just another fleeting moment with a quick meal, but to really help others to view food differently and rediscover what has been lost through media hype. Let us get into our kitchen and build a foundation of memories to pass along to future generations.

Thank you Julia for everything, you will be missed but most definitely not forgotten.

Julia Carolyn Child

August 15, 1912 to August 13, 2004

Chef Isaiah

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Sabrina Tells All

Sabrina Delaney - Life Event and Wedding Planning
Sabrina Delaney - Life Event and Wedding Planning | Source

The Heart Inside a Home

Have we traveled so far from the foundation and the heart of the kitchen; from within the fabric of our society? It is difficult after working all day to wrap our mind around the preparation of a meal and more time spent, but is this not a matter of just changing how we feel about this task?

With a little effort we can save money, eat healthier, take control of our future and dictate to society as a whole what our values are and will continue to be. Julia Child was an inspiration, and she set the standard from within the home kitchen and within the kitchen of every restaurant.

Not long ago the kitchen was the heart of the family and today, perhaps the heart is in front of the television. Instead of learning, creating and sharing from within our own kitchen, we prefer to watch those on television do it. Is it the same?

The aroma of freshly baked bread sitting to cool on the counter smells so good. The aroma from the oven while the roast is cooking just cannot be replaced. The eyes opening wide from a child watching the cupcakes be prepared, baked and frosted is priceless. The conversation during dinner with those we love is a moment treasured. Saving money and time in preparation of the meal is outstanding. This is the foundation and the heart of the home where love grows. Julia Child has inspired the building of these very moments by leading the way to passion in the kitchen.

There is a Chef in each of us. Many probably were introduced to cooking around the age of twelve. Was it a fried egg or baking a cake for the first experience? We became intrigued and wanted to learn how to create more food items, and then for most of us it probably ended there. For others the passion to continue fueled the artistic quality that would soon send them to obtain a culinary education, or to work within a restaurant setting to gain additional knowledge. The rest of us are left wondering how do they do it?

Have you ever watched a Chef in the kitchen? If you have, then you know how their hands move about in the same way as an artist would painting a canvas. They know which herbs and spices to combine to create an exact flavor, and how to present the food so that it displays a pleasurable experience. The next time you are dining out and having a fantastic flavorful meal, give some thought to the Chef that passionately created it for you.


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