LaRue French Vanilla Cappuccino


Who doesn’t love a delicious cup of cappuccino? The aroma, the foam on top, the robust flavor. It is a treat to the senses, a small reward for waking up and getting about our daily business.

There are different brands to choose from. A favorite product can keep consumers coming back to the stores in which it is offered. But not all brands are equal! One stands above the rest, in my opinion, and that is LaRue®Cappuccino. My favorite is the French Vanilla flavor. I will go out of my way to patronize convenience stores that offer it. LaRue French Vanilla Cappuccino is rich, creamy, thick and flavorful. I have tried other brands, but none comes close to the quality and full-bodied taste experience that is LaRue.

Some cappuccinos offered by convenience stores have a powdery or chalky taste that is unpleasant. They are little more than water, sugar and milk powder. These are a disappointment. Even in some shops dedicated to coffee products, the cappuccino is substandard. Coffee shop brands seem to be bitter and lack that smooth quality found in LaRue.

As a verified cappuccino addict, I can honestly say if it’s not LaRue, I would rather go without.

In fact, I like cappuccino so much, it inspired me to write a song by the same name.

Photo courtesy of Vojko Kalan

Cappuccino by Idle Threats

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