Laments of forgotten foods: part two

a purposeful life

     I'm wilting the vegetables lament. I am dying a slow painful death and will never achieve my potential. I was crisp and fresh when you brought me home. Ready to please with sumptuous abandon. But I have been blanketed with your new palates desires and am buried from view, destined never to please you.

     Rescue me! Instead of letting me decay and stench your refrigerator, cut me! Let my blood life come alive in a cauldron of boiling water just for a minute until my color returns. Then lock me in the safety of plastic and throw me into the icy storage until I can add color and flavor to a soup or another meal. Don't just forget about me until the life is drained from my being and I am tossed to fertilize a competitor in the compost of dispair. Save me and my friends and let us give you joy and a healthy meal in a thick vegetable soup. This is all I ask, a purposeful life!


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