Learning to Eat a Cookie Again


Because Life is Short

While oogling several displays of fudge, I came across a proud announcement displaying one person’s declaration that they ate a little bit of fudge every day for the past four or so years. With this declaration came the gleeful information of how many pounds of fudge they had eaten so far, how many calories it added up to and just how much sugar that was. Now, having added this nameless person to my hall of fame, I think this person has made a wise lifestyle decision. Having deprived myself of tasty food in the noble goal that is weight loss, this person radiated Gandhi to me. Well, if Gandhi liked chocolate and didn’t do that hunger strike activity. Go without food? Willingly? Inconceivable!

Although many months have passed since I have seen this declaration that life is meant to be spent eating tasty food of some kind every day, I realize now that this is a life changing experience. For, after having read this person’s very logical discussion on all the benefits they gained from eating fudge, I realize that when I look back on my life and how it was spent, I don’t want to look back on a cookieless existence. What is life if you can’t enjoy a cookie?

That day, part of life became as crystal to me. I shouldn’t deprive myself of a cookie. No. I would enter into a new kind of freedom. I would be like this faceless hero. I would eat a cookie! As these thoughts of cookie goodness filled me, I realized that while I couldn’t burn bras in the sixties, I could declare my freedom by eating a cookie every day. After all, by eating a cookie, I would revel in my newfound freedom to enjoy that part of life I had been depriving myself of (and it’s a hard deprivation especially when you walk past the cookie aisle, see the cookie dough and have a barely touched cookie pan greeting you.

Sadly, anyone who has ever had a revelation about a new direction they should take shares the frustration that is acting on that revelation. Sure, I have enough magazines telling me how to get those flat abs I want, but do I do them? Ha! Not even. Maybe I’ll change that. Tomorrow. And just like I approach my “improving abs” goal, I also approached my “eat-a-cookie” goal. I’ll do it after I’ve lost ten pounds. After I’ve gotten my eating figured out. After this week blows over.

Desire for cookies has begun to nudge me past my strict abstinence. Because while I have learned to measure, measure, measure everything in this goal I have of weight loss (the most insidious form of oppression placed on women today), I can’t go without cookies. Not any more. It’s just not right.

I feel much like Cookie Monster in this respect. Well, before he went PC and became veggie monster. He realized that cookie are an essential food group. He realized that not eating cookies meant eating everything in sight out of longing for cookies. In Christmas Eve on Seasame Street, he ate the tree, the telephone, the typewriter, the pencil and paper and every device that would allow him to communicate to Santa just what cookies he wanted. He did this purely out of that primal desire for cookies. As a child, he was my role model.

With his example, perhaps I can stay true in some form to this aspiration. Perhaps I can continue to defy the “can’t” part of myself and eat just one cookie. Thus far (my second day in the journey), I have eaten three chocolate chip cookies. I blame Subway for the extra cookie. They really shouldn’t give people like me two cookies at once. But I won’t refuse. And tomorrow, when I bike back to Subway, I think I will eat another cookie. Maybe this time, it will be peanut butter.

While this goal might not be the most noble one I’ve had, I think, given the brevity of life, that I really do want to have more fond remembrances of eating cookies. For while I do want to lose weight, I also want to be happy. Having recently learned of the phrase “festively plump,” I think that eating a cookie is quite all right. It signifies merriment. True hobbit-likeness.

Funny, though. For while I have been eating more cookies in my attempt to lose weight (I’m doing the calorie count thing now at livestrong), I actually have been losing weight. Tomorrow when I’m eating my cookie at Subway (because people like me tend to go cookie monster when cooking a whole bunch of cookies) and in the future when I’m cooking thirteen dozen cookies for a cookie swap (I’m a little worried about this. How ever will I restrain my primal urges?), I will think back on the day that my life changed. I will think back on the day I decided that it was OK to eat a cookie.

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Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

You mean you don't do second breakfast? ha!

Hey, life is to be enjoyed, I think-don't let media and it's vile insinuations of what you should be bring you down.

Eat that cookie-then take that bike ride(s) that we both agreed were good things.

Oppressing women? Have you seen the men in the men's fashion mags?

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

I should! As for fashion magazines, I abstain. They bore me to tears. And pretty men are HILARIOUS. Who really wants to look like that?

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

I was living in California earlier this year-but you knew that, anyways, when me and special forces and army engineer Major Rivera would go out(we're about the same size-but of course he's a whole lot more fit and muscular). . .or were about to hit the town, I'd come out of my bedroom and he'd go, "Uh. . .no, Todd, let's go to my closet and find you something to wear. . ."

LOL! my fashion sense is about as good as my spider sense, I guess. I thought, hey, my colors match!

but no, none of my wardrobe came from "banana republic," but all of his did!

Lorenzo C 6 years ago

I was once known as a "cookie monster..." when in high school. Now I just enjoy making my own cookies, mostly whole grain chocolate chip and shortbread sugar cookies... If I had more e I'd make MORE of them since They make all the crappy news on TV more tolerable.

Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Todd -- Ha ha! I completely understand about the fashion sense! I once managed to get my freshmen college roommate to talk to other people about my bad fashion sense when I bought the wrong kind of jeans. The funny part of the story was that later in the year I heard some of the girls making fun of her fashion sense!

Lorenzo -- whole grain chocolate chip? I've recently switched to whole grain for pizza dough and been quite pleased. I'll have to try that for cookies. And the tv news makes me to angry too tolerate it as its so biased. Have you ever heard of Tom Fenton's Bad News? He was a reporter for the Middle East and before 9/11 hit, he had the opportunity to interview Osama Bin Ladin. However, the network decided the story wouldn't have enough interest and killed it. Crazy, huh? Toxic Sludge is also a good documentary to watch. Eye opening!

Lorenzo C 6 years ago

I heard of Fenton, he has been on NPR and written a book, no? Most of my news comes from the internet, Huffington Post, OpEd, Commondreams, El Pais, Le Monde and Truthout...there's more. YES, documentary stuff is great...


~ L

Lorenzo C 6 years ago

Bad News: The Decline of Reporting, the Business of News, and the Danger to Us All, published in 2005. (ISBN 0-06-079746-0)

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Elefanza profile image

Elefanza 6 years ago from Somewhere in My Brain Author

Yep, he was on NPR. I also had the opportunity to hear him speak. I'll have to check out some of those news outlets. Thus far, I'm still relying largely on NPR.

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