Low Calorie Breakfast Options

Choosing the right foods for a low calorie breakfast

 When you are on a low calorie diet or trying to lose weight, choosing the right foods for breakfast can really help you throughout the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it can help you stay full longer and keep you from over eating throughout the rest of the day.

Protein is a major component that can be used as well as fiber. Both will keep you fuller longer allowing you to eat less throughout your day. Try to never skip breakfast as it can make you eat more throughout your day or just throw you off balance.




breakfast foods
breakfast foods

Low Calorie Breakfast Options

 Omelets are a good choice for breakfast as eggs are high in protein. an omelet can be made with whole eggs or with just egg whites to cut the calories even more. whole eggs have around 70 calories so two can be used with fresh veggies to make a healthy omelet. you can sprinkle it with 2% or low fat cheese to add extra flavor and low calories. Add fresh fruit for an even more enjoyable breakfast.

High fiber oatmeal can also be enjoyed for a filling breakfast. Quaker State Oatmeal sells a high fiber option that is very tasty and comes in several flavors. Eat one packet of oatmeal, around 160 calories, and add fresh fruit. I like to add raisins to mine and it keeps me full for a good bit of the day.

if you are on the go a simple smoothie is a great option and very low in calories. simply add fresh fruit, such as strawberries, to a blender with a splash of skim milk, one Yoplait yogurt and a cup or two of ice. Blend and instantly have a delicious smoothie. The yogurt is only 100 calories and the strawberries are around 15 calories if only a few are used. so with the milk you are only consuming around 200 calories and are enjoying a nice healthy breakfast drink.

Raisin Bran that is high in fiber is another great way to eat a healthy breakfast. the high fiber content helps you stay full longer. But be sure you check the fiber content as many raisin bran cereals do not have high fiber. the higher the fiber the longer you will fill full throughout your day.







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