How to Make Dill Bleu Cheese Dressing and Ranch Dressing from scratch

Two great dressings to go with my "Perfect Wings"

My family loves Bleu Cheese Dressing. I learned how to make it when I was maybe five years old. This is just a variation on my family's recipe. It is a little different (and better than what I've made at restaurants I've worked at).Mix together four cups of mayo (see my basic mayo recipe), one package of cream cheese, 8 oz of crumbled bleu cheese, a teaspoon of tablespoon each of garlic powder and ground black pepper, two tablespoons of red wine vinegar, and two tablespoons of dill.

I was so excited when I first learned how to make ranch dressing from scratch. I had always used the packets before. After Bleu Cheese Dressing this is the first salad dressing I learned how to make. Take two cups of mayo, two cups of butter milk, half a cup of parsley chopped fine, about two tablespoons each or dry basil, onion powder, and garlic powder, and mix together well. Add salt to taste.

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