Make Coffee Souffle - A sweet cold drink


Souffles can be made using many variety of fruits. In this hub I am going show how to make Coffee Souffle. Coffee souffle is a delicious sweet cold drink. The coffee souffle is usually prepared in the summer seasons. The flavor of coffee and chocolate make this drink more sweet and delicious. The coffee souffle is also a healthy drink. Coffee souffle is very simple to prepare and every one should try to prepare this tasty drink. How to make this sweet drink is given below.

Ingredients for the preparation of coffee souffle

1. Milk - 1 1/2 cup
condensed milk -1 tin
cornflour - 2 big spoon
egg - 3

2. Nescafe - 1 big spoon
Hot water - 1 big spoon

3. Gelatin - 2 big spoon
Water - 3 big spoon

4. Sugar - 2 big spoon

5. Vanilla essence - 1 small spoon

6. Grated Chocolate - 1/2 cup
Caramelized nuts - 1/4 cup


1. Mix milk, condensed milk, cornflour and beaten yellow of the egg in cup.

2. Place this bowl in the boiling water(like double boiling) and stir continuously until it becomes a custard.

3. Next put the Nescafe to hot water and mix. Then add it to the custard.

4. Now put the gelatin in the water for one minute. Then melt the gelatin in a low heat and then add the melted gelatin to the custard and mix.

5. Place this mixture in a freezer.

6. Beat the white of egg with sugar well.

7. Add vanilla essence to it and stir well.

8. Take the custard from the freezer if it is set.

9. Now add the egg white mixture to the custard slowly and mix it.

10. Place it in a fridge and make it cool for some time.

11. If the souffle is set then decorate it with grated chocolate and nuts.

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snowdrops 4 years ago from The Second Star to the Right

Wow, this is very good!and the pic is awesome, yummy!

sujithbeta profile image

sujithbeta 4 years ago from Kerala, India Author

thank you snowdrops for the comment

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