How to Make Orange Julice / Squash and Drink with Vodka.

Juice it out.


Vodka with Orange Juice.

Select South Indian grown farm fresh Oranges to make 1 liter of Orange Juice.Use Tap water and wash them throughly.Peel off the skin and remove the seeds in the Orange segments and use a mixer to remove the juice.Strain this juice and see it fill up a 1 liter bottle.

A Juice / Crush / Squash are all found with variation in sugar content mostly.So no use making fuss on name.When you have the juice prepare the squash with use of following ingredients.


1 - Orange Juice - 1 liter.

2 - Sugar - 1.6 kg.

3 - Water - 1.4 liters.

4 - Citric Acid. 4 level tea Spoons.

5 - Orange Color - Red - Use as you like the color to be.

6 - Potasium meta bi sukphate - Three forths Tea Spoon.

7 - Orange Essence - 4 level Tea Spoons.

Prepare Sugar Syrup with 1.6 kg of Sugar + Water 1.4 liters and Citric Acid in a SS Vesel and heat the mixture so that the Sugar is dissolved completely.Let it cool down.Use a good filter to strain this mixture and the Sugar Syrup is Ready.

Take a 3 liter SS Vessel and pour the Sugar Syrup and Orange Juice and mix it well so that the blend is perfect.Now prepare the preservative potassium metabisulphate and little water taken to dissolve the powder and now add this plus the color RED as also the essence to the Orange squash and blend it well.

Take a 1 liter capacity empty bottle which must be STERILIZED fill up your ORANGE SQUASH / JUICE up to half an inch from the cork a gap empty as you find in all bottles of any liquid.Cork it and keep it in a clean dry place,may be your Bar.

You need some Vodka to mix for 60 ml of Vodka in a Whisky Glass to fill it up full of Orange Squash / Juice if you like Vodka it goes well with Orange Juice. So please TRY.

* Conditions apply.

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askjanbrass profile image

askjanbrass 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

I'm not the biggest fan of vodka and orange juice mixes (the typical screwdriver), but this drink recipe actually sounds quite delicious! Thanks for sharing.

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