Make Special Coffee Drinks at Home

Efficient home coffee brewers, like Keurig brewers, are great for making the typical cup of coffee. Because of the wide range of roasts and flavors, most people don't ever get bored with the variety that these home brewers offer. But for people like me who love a good shot of espresso or a hearty cup of creamy latte, there's hope for you yet. Home brewers, like Keurig brewers, offer great options for spicing up a normal coffee at home. Here's a quick guide that offers you some hints for making a good cup of not-so-average coffee.

Make a condensed cup of coffee on your home brewer.
Make a condensed cup of coffee on your home brewer.

The Coffee Base

Brew your coffee like you typically would with your home brewer. This cup of coffee will serve as your foundation for the following special coffee drinks. For those of us with Keurig brewers, select the K-Cup coffee you would like to taste in your special coffee drink. Using your Keurig options, create a strong cup of coffee. For all intents and purposes, this strongly brewed coffee will serve as your espresso base. Espressos are concentrated portions of coffee that usually boast a touch of natural creaminess or oily character. But without the hassle and expense of owning an espresso machine, a concentrated cup of coffee will serve you right as you make special coffees with flair at home.

Create a perfect cappuccino at home.
Create a perfect cappuccino at home.
Carefully heat and stir to froth your milk.
Carefully heat and stir to froth your milk.

How to Make a Cappuccino

To make a cappuccino at home, mix your coffee with milk. To froth your milk as cafes and restaurants froth cappuccino milk, you would need a pressurized steam machine. But many don't know that you can actually froth milk at home without steam. A bit of heat and some vigorous stirring, you can create the perfect froth for the perfect cappuccino.

Pour a cup of milk into a saucepan. Turn the heat on high to bring the milk to boil. Immediately turn down the heat, and stir to make sure the milk does not scald. Slowly the heat will build air bubbles in your milk creating a frothy texture. Keurig also carries a standalone milk heater that makes your milk frothy. Pour the frothy milk to you coffee slowly. If you're careful enough and add a wrist flick at the end, you could even create cappuccino designs.

A layered latte is a step up from a mixed latte, simply pour the coffee carefully into the hot milk.
A layered latte is a step up from a mixed latte, simply pour the coffee carefully into the hot milk.

How to Make a Latte

To create a latte at home, froth your milk the same way you have frothed it for a cappuccino. The only difference between a cappuccino and a latte is the amount of milk. A latte will contain more milk. Simply add the frothed milk to your coffee, and voila, you have a caffe latte.

The trick to a great tasting latte and cappuccino is the texture of the milk. Make sure you get the milk to a high enough temperature, but not too high that it scalds. Also make sure that your bubbles are fine. In fact, they should be so fine that it doesn't look like bubbles, but more like a thick creamy sheen. Airy bubbles in your milk will not create thick and creamy cappuccinos or lattes. If you do have airy bubbles, try gently swirling the milk in your saucepan so that the large bubbles are pushed to the outer rims of the pan. Then tap the pan on a hard surface, like your kitchen countertops. A gentle tap or two should pop those large bubbles, leaving your milk with the desired thick, creamy sheen.

If you perfect the layered latte, move onto to making a layered mocha! Use the same trick! Just pour slowly.
If you perfect the layered latte, move onto to making a layered mocha! Use the same trick! Just pour slowly.

How to Make a Mocha

To create a mocha, you need to mix hot cocoa with coffee. Create your condensed coffee as you would in the above recipes. Also heat and froth your milk as you would in the above recipes. Take a small measure of milk and add the correct amount of cocoa, as it is advised on your cocoa package. Mix the powder thoroughly into the milk until you get a thick cocoa. Then finally add the rest of the milk. Creating cocoa in this way will ensure that you dissolve all the chunks of cocoa powder. Finally add the cocoa to your coffee. The combination will create a chocolaty coffee treat that is sure to please anyone with a sweet tooth.

Blend your coffee drink to create a cool alternative.
Blend your coffee drink to create a cool alternative.

How to Make a Caramel Mocha Frappuccino

If you've got all the above down, try making this Starbuck's sensation in your own home. To create a caramel mocha frappuccino, you would need to first create condensed coffee, frothy milk and cocoa. Once you've combined all these ingredients like you would for a mocha, then you are ready to turn this simple mocha into a caramel mocha frappuccino. Pour the hot mocha into a blender; add cream and two cups of ice. Blend until all the big chunks of ice a crushed. Be careful not to over blend—avoid dissolving all the ice. Once the consistency is thick like a smoothie or yogurt, pour your creation into a clear glass. Hand-wind some cream, and then add a dollop of cream to the top of your creation. Drizzle some caramel all over the top. And if you're feeling really create shave some bits of dark chocolate and dust some cocoa powder on top. This creamy, iced chocolaty coffee drink will make anyone swoon.

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reconciled heart 7 years ago

Thank you for this informative and delicious post! Keep up the good work!

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globalcoffeegrind 7 years ago Author

Reconciled heart: Thank you! Hope you get to try some of them out! :)

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Betty Reid 6 years ago from Texas

I usually drink my coffee black, but I do enjoy a fancy coffee once in a while. My favorite is with Praline liqueur, milk, and brown sugar.

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globalcoffeegrind 6 years ago Author

Oo, decadent! Liqueur coffees are my personal late night, post meal fave.

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Thanks for this great tips. Recommended hub for coffee lovers!

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