Make a Classic Martini Cocktail

Martini Drinks

The martini is the most recognized mixed drink. James Bond preferred his martinis shaken, not stirred. However, many martini lovers claim that shaking a martini 'bruises' the gin.

Other than James Bond, perhaps the most famous martini drinker was Winston Churchill. He preferred his martinis very dry, and a Churchill Martini is actually just gin in a glass straight.

If you want to learn how to make a classic Martini, you've come to the right place. A classic traditional martini is actually one of the easiest cocktail drinks to make.

How to Make a Classic Martini Cocktail Drink

Classic Martini Drink Recipe

2 oz vodka or gin

Splash of dry vermouth- about 1/2 ounce

Stuffed olive and lemon twist for garnishes

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake until cold, at least ten seconds. Strain into a chilled martini cocktail glass. Serve straight up. Chill martini glasses by placing in freezer. Garnish with the stuffed olive and lemon twist.

Remember that the amount of vermouth is what determines how dry the martini becomes. Less vermouth equals a drier martini. To make a truly classic martini, the ingredients must be stirred, not shaken. Also a traditional classic martini is made with gin, not vodka. But most people prefer the taste of a martini made with vodka.

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Princessa profile image

Princessa 9 years ago from France

I will try this one, easy to make and I bet very tasty! Thanks for making my aperitif.

Iðunn 8 years ago

I actually have been fascinated by the concept of martinis although I had no idea what vermouth was.  I think it's that James Bond thing "shaken, not stirred". 

I finally determined that vermouth was a liquor and not an mixer by needing it for a new recipe and discovering I couldn't buy it in my county (dry). 

If I ever have a need to make a martini in future, I shall now know which hub/hubber to check to find out how.  :)

me 6 years ago

i dont feel good

playgirl 6 years ago

so are one moments

palygirl  6 years ago

so are u seen

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