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My Grandmother was a tea drinker. She liked old teapots, fancy teapots and vintage teapots but then she would put them on the stove to warm up her tea and, in the end, each pot would end up cracked from the heat. So, she ended up with a lot of broken teapots. She could have used a teapot cozy. I know she had at least one. My Mother would knit them for her.

I don't drink a lot of tea but I love the look of the teapots and teapot cosies (or cozies, however you spell it). They have a romantic image. Some of them are so pretty and girlish that you almost want to become an avid tea drinker.

Pretty Funny Tea Cosies: & Other Beautiful Knitted Things
Pretty Funny Tea Cosies: & Other Beautiful Knitted Things

I love the tea cozy on the cover of this book. The book is new, just published August 2014. I haven't seen it in my local store yet.


Tea Cosy for Sale


What are your tea drinking traditions?

I don't love tea. It's not so much a part of the traditions and history of Canada as it is in Britain and Japan. But, we do have tea parties, simple and down-sized though they are by comparison. I like Earl Grey tea and I love the smell of Lipton's caramel tea (which they don't seem to sell any longer). My Mother likes to get jasmine tea when we go to a Chinese/ Oriental themed restaurant. I like the ginger tea, the odd time they offer it.

Tea has some part of everyone's family history it seems to me. Even if we don't make and drink tea on a daily basis, it's there. A gift from your Grandmother, an impulse purchase you made yourself, or just something you keep around for company who don't want coffee or hot chocolate.

Gorgeous Floral Tea Cosies


Babushka Darling Tea Cozy


Kind of nice, when you make tea for someone, to be able to pull out a nice teapot and have the finishing touch of a pretty tea cosy to top it.

I found so many wonderful tea cosies when I began looking for them, I couldn't decide which I would like most. I'm not a knitter so patterns for knitted tea cosies are a bit out for me. Unless I get someone to make it. But, it's never really, truly your very own tea cosy if you paid for it. There's something special about the tea cosy (like any craft project you make yourself). For one thing, you're the only one who knows about that glaring error which you somehow managed to conceal with a bit of extra thread or yarn...

One of my favourite tea cosies was knitted (plain knitting luckily) underneath and the top was decorated with exotic looking crochet flowers. You can find the instructions for it in the links below.

Patterns for Teapot Cozies

Sweet Old Lady Tea Cosy


Rose Tea Cosy Pattern


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